I only started to learn programming in college, and won an award in an international competition held by Apple in my senior year. Deeply experienced - you don't have to be very strong to start, you have to start first to become stronger. If you limit yourself at the beginning, you will never be able to cross that line

Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science has a wide range of prospects and can be combined with various fields. As long as you study hard, there must be places in this world that you can rest assured.

Clubs: Learn, Create, Share! (iOS Club slogan)

What you can do in college is to study, study hard, spend time on things you think are worthwhile, and concentrate on doing one thing well.

I think joining clubs means learning anything you are interested in, creating your own works, sharing them with more people, communicating with each other and making progress together. The Department of Engineering and Engineering in Fengjia is relatively lucky. There are two professional clubs in the department, namely the Hacker Club and the iOS Club. You may hear students from other departments say, "That's the Polytechnic Zhai Club", but this should be broken. With a glass ceiling, playing clubs in the salary and engineering department can also be very glamorous!


Participate in the 2021 iOS Club Leadership Training Camp

Overseas exchange

I chose to join the iOS Club when I was a sophomore. At first, I just wanted to learn how to write iOS Apps. Fengjia has a lot of resources in this regard. Students can use the iPad and iMac provided by the school for free for development (most other schools only support Android. ). Later, I found out that the iOS Club on the mainland and Apple have a joint camp course, and Fengjia also cooperates with the school there. Every winter and summer vacation, I can go to the iOS Club winter and summer camp held in the mainland. Free air tickets are provided, which is a good opportunity to go abroad to broaden your knowledge and learn from each other in technology.

As a lecturer, use what you have learned to design teaching courses. You can practice confidence on the stage and expression skills, and you can earn some extra money and accumulate actual performance. Why not do it?

In the year when I was the president, we also formed a small teaching team, designed various interesting programming language courses, and shared courses with primary and secondary schools in various countries. I was nervous, and I grew up a lot without knowing it. I no longer think about how nervous I am, and gradually get used to the way I speak on stage, just as if I was chatting with a group of children. The end-of-term report is on the stage!


Serve as a lecturer

Goal: to achieve world-class results and expand horizons

Of course, it's not just about sharing courses like this. It is the most enjoyable to find a partner to form a team and spend time going down to a game together. In a competition, you will encounter problems of teamwork and division of labor, you will encounter problems of communication with each other, everyone has different program logic, how to effectively communicate and connect each other's programs - this is actually a common problem for outside industry teams The problem. Through the competition, we experienced it in advance, which is definitely more different than what we learned in the school classroom.


2018 APP Mobile Application Innovation Competition won the third prize.

Being able to win a prize is not because you are better than others, but to try when you have the opportunity. There are more powerful students everywhere, and the most important thing is whether you can decide to step out first.

You don't have to be great to start, you have to start first to become stronger.

Draw your own limits from the start, and you'll never be able to cross that line

WWDC Global Developers Conference

Four years ago, I never thought that I would have the opportunity to win a WWDC award. Let me introduce WWDC first: it is the annual developer conference held by Apple Apple every year. Apple developers from all over the world will flock to this annual event, but tickets are not easy to get. A WWDC ticket The price is 1,599 US dollars. Even if you have money, you have to review the developer's qualifications and draw lots before you can have this ticket and go to Apple Park to participate in the annual meeting.


Participate in the WWDC Global Developers Conference.

WWDC Scholarship

Apple also provides students with the opportunity to obtain tickets, free 350 student tickets, so that students from all over the world can submit a Playground work, as long as they are creative and original enough, they will be invited to fly to the United States to participate in WWDC. Speak face-to-face with Apple CEOs and engineers. And I also contributed works with the club students, and I am very honored to be selected for the WWDC20 Student Challenge.


The concept of the work is that I want to design a story-based and situational teaching book for children who are new to programming language, so as to arouse their interest in learning. The work will probably take two to three months to complete. In fact, what the judges value is the creativity and the meaning of the work, not the difficulty of the programming language as the criterion. As long as you prepare carefully, the work will be easy to see.


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