College of Engineering and Science

Focusing on research topics such as materials science, green energy technology, and smart manufacturing, we provide advanced professional courses with industrial application features in order to strengthen the close link between academic and industrial applications. We cultivate multi-disciplinary collaboration, communication and integration to become "the cradle of corporate talent cultivation and the favorite R&D partner."

College of Business

Emphasizing multi-disciplinary business professional practical courses, we cultivate professional researchers, teachers and senior management talents with both theory and practice in business-related fields from the perspective of global business development. Our degree programs are based on three major areas of "operations management", "medical and health industry" and "accounting and taxation". Internationally renowned scholars are appointed as Distinguished Professors providing regular lectures and guiding doctoral dissertations.

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Curriculum and industry are connected to encourage diversified development. Master's degrees can be conferred based on practical dissertations, special topics or artistic creations, and performances. Whether it is value-added Chinese professional ability, global English communication, deep exploration of cultural heritage, and participation in social design, etc., students are trained to become innovative talents in Taiwan's industrial transformation and upgrading.

College of Information and Electrical Engineering

Information and electrical engineering have driven a new era of AI and the world’s hub contact. Through 5G, artificial intelligence, cloud technology, big data analytics and physical networking technology, high-tech industry links in the Central region, and industry-academia cooperation and internships, we train master and doctoral students to become important talents needed for industrial upgrading and transformation.

College of Construction and Development

The College of Construction and Development is an education base for the construction of infrastructure for smart cities and smart life. The master and doctoral classes focus on smart cities, construction planning and project management, and coordinate with the nation’s largest geographic information, land and disaster prevention professional research center and multidisciplinary integration of development trends to provide flexibility, diversification, the practical and international vision of promoting high-quality teaching, industry-academia cooperation and professional internships to strengthen students' employment competitiveness.

School of Management Development

We cultivate the cradle of entrepreneurs, provide opportunities for in-service personnel to further their studies, strengthen students’ practical and professional knowledge, professional recognition, professional ethics and self-discipline ability, and enhance international academic exchanges and international learning experience so as to cultivate students to become international entrepreneurs with the characteristics of management, professionalism and information. There are currently more than 3,000 alumni.

College of Finance

The refined master’s program cultivates students with advanced professional knowledge in business management, multidisciplinary team collaboration, and trend development research and analysis capabilities. The doctoral program is committed to cultivating professionals with the ability to identify, accurately analyze, and effectively solve problems through rich curriculum planning and close interaction with excellent faculty members to write dissertations with industrial application value.

School of Architecture

The Master of Architecture program which provides professional architecture skills and forward-looking insight concepts contains three areas: architectural design, interior design, innovative design, and four core capabilities: Roso Coop, Sense Lab, BIM, AR / VR. With innovative teaching approaches, implementation of professional integration and multi-disciplinary value upgrade, this is a comprehensive professional degree program.