Sports Events

Unrepentant youthful blood

The university organizes various sports competitions every year including volleyball, basketball, tennis, swimming and university sports day, etc., to encourage all teachers and students to develop sports habits, improve sports atmosphere and cultivate team spirit.

University-wide Tug of War Championships

The pull is passion, persistence, and memory. For the past 50 years, the rope has stringed together many people’s college youth.

Campus Road Run

The millennium road running event paved the university's road running tradition. Since then, road running events have been held every year inviting faculty, colleagues, students and the general public to participate.

University Sports Day

Held in March consisting of 2000-meter race, tire-turning relay, track and field events, the kangaroo hop relay, the brigade relay, etc., to show the united Feng Chia spirit.

Swimming Competitions

Held in May and June attracting many swimmers to enroll to enjoy the hot summer season. As long as you go forward and feel happy, you can do it with whatever style you like, butterfly, backstroke, or freestyle.

Inter-departmental Competitions

The competitions include tug of war, basketball, tennis, volleyball, badminton, table tennis, track and field, swimming, softball and handball, etc.

Competition Results

Cooperative team tacit understanding

The best teamwork is to fight together for a common goal. Participation does not necessarily have to be ranked but the ups, downs and growths in the process are the most memorable.