After class, it will be your most exciting encounter. The first step may be interest-initiated, curiosity to experience or try, or even a simple meeting with friends. No one will expect this small step creates the marking of each following step in the future. Experience romantic love, passionate friendship, and lonely and bright youth.

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Stand on the International Concert Hall - Feng Chia University Symphonic Band did it

In the 40th anniversary concert, the Wind Club performance in the "National Concert Hall".

Serve with positive energy – the Cultural Service Club

During vacations, we lead elementary and middle school children to play group-recreation, do experiments and learn from games.

The impact of elegance and boldness - Popular Dance Club

Jazz, Dancehall, Voguing, Waacking, diversified dance styles and tireless practice cultivate our leisure interest.

Thousands of people responded to the Fengyun Award

The Fengyun Award organized by Guitar Club attracts many outstanding national contestants from colleges and universities every year.

Karate Club

The Karate Club invites national coaches to plan four-level advancement exams every year to improve training and examine oneself-skills.

Find your own center of gravity - Skateboard Club

With a skateboard, you can play lying down, play with your hands, and play with your feet, with enough freedom, and full of randomness and creativity.

Drum Club - A tribute to both hands

The drummers hit hard with their drumsticks to make strong beats.

An astonishing throwing and catching performance by Rhythmic Dance Club

"One minute on stage, ten years of practice off stage.

Perseverance and composure to challenge - the Rugby Club

Rugby training requires the iron rules of the army, the seniority system, the passionate OB, the strong spirit, perseverance and calmness.

Fifty movements when sound meets - String Society

The soft gentle rhyme of the piano always echoes in the tiny piano room where we should just express our feelings without any pressure.

The night of Acapella – Vocal Choir

Created MEET to meet the vocal orchestra to enhance the diverse imagination of music and the infinite possibilities of students.

Community Development Volunteer Team

We go out of Feng Chia and walk into the community of a remote village.

The first Apple official certified club in Taiwan - iOS Club

The iOS Club has Apple's official certified teachers, teaching materials and complete Apple development facilities.

Campus Etiquette Ambassador - Goodwill Volunteer Team

Through courses and practical experience, we develop dignified and elegant manners in our warm and courteous service.

Feng Chia TV Station

Use videos to record the pride of Feng Chia people and edit the most thrilling moments by creating micro-movie in their spare time.

Overseas International Service Volunteer Team

Provides ecological and environmental protection, life education, Chinese teaching and introduction to Taiwan culture.

Foreign Language Center Volunteer Team

Language for fun, language for life! Easy and fun to practice languages, English, Spanish, French, and Japanese are all available.

The Chinese Language Center Volunteer Team

Assist the university in organizing activities such as Chinese Adventure, International Food Festival, Chinese Singing Competition, and talent show.

The Health Care Volunteer Team

Assist the university health center to provide resting area, first aid kit borrowing, health education consultation and other services.

Liberal Arts Salon Volunteer Team

Assist in the Liberal Arts Salon, cultural events and other field activities.

Leadership & Assessment Volunteer Team

Each semester provides two off-campus services to accumulate different experiences outside the campus.

Take the initiative to look for opportunities, "Beyond what you have learned "

When you have self-confidence, everyone will find you very attractive! "Don't rush to find a great thing to do. Spend a little more time every day to get to understand yourself and know what you really want, not what others want you to do."
University life is "be brave to fight for what you want." I started to explore outside the department in my sophomore year, participated in the host camp, strived to be a Hit FM 91.5 intern DJ, hosted the university’s annual party and the department’s special research press conference. As the president of the society, he joined the international exchange volunteer team and the Chinese Language Center as the school companions of four foreign students.


Global Mobility・Club Experience・Cross-domain Learning

Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science-Lin,You-Ren

The biggest adventure in life is not taking risks. Maybe you are afraid of the future, but as long as you are willing to try, you will definitely gain something.


Global Mobility・Club Experience

Department of Aerospace and Systems Engineering-Na, Kai-Jie

Just do what you think of. If you think about it more than three times, it means you really want to do this thing.


Global Mobility・Club Experience・Cross-domain Learning

Department of Transportation and Logistics-Cuei,Hong-Wei

Learning is no longer for exams. Feng Chia University encourages students to start their own businesses. Starting from creative ideas, students with entrepreneurial motivation and motivation have the opportunity to practice their entrepreneurial dreams in college.


Innovation.Start-up・Club Experience・Cross-domain Learning

Department of Automatic Control Engineering-Guo, Jheng-Syuan

I participated in the volunteer team of Feng Chia TV Station, supported school shooting activities, worked with companies to shoot commercials, learned editing skills from industry teachers, and also assisted in the production of MOOCS online course materials; participated in the Robot National Intelligent Innovation Application Competition.


Global Mobility・Club Experience

Department of Business Administration-Bo, An-Hua

This is a great boon for me as a rookie in English. The plan book I wrote with my heart in the first year was not responded to. In the second year, I wanted to give up a little bit, but I met a teacher who encouraged and supported me, which made me cheer up again. , Prepared the plan and passed the review smoothly.