University is a place to learn a lot, science and technology / business management / humanities cross-disciplinary studies. If you like it from the bottom of your heart, you will learn well. At Feng Chia University, you can learn a lot, regardless of slash or cross-disciplinary. You can study hard when you find what you want to learn!

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Innovative Academic System

Mix & Match of different professions. Free to choose and mix, your future is in your hands. By breaking the department framework, the cross-disciplinary and cross-department courses let students master their learning independently. You can create your own learning modules in the innovative academic system of minors, second majors and A in and B out, and can graduate at the same time with over 2 kinds of cross-disciplinary expertise.

Innovation Fields

Special courses are offered in each field to provide students with cross-disciplinary digital intelligence value-added capabilities. The teaching content is based on industry demand and students can choose courses freely. As long as you take 3 courses in a single field, you can complete the micro-credit course certification. Slash young people plan it by yourself to go after your interest, create diversity and learn unique field knowledge!

Innovation Results

Nothing will happen if you do not act. Things won’t be the same if you do.