Achieve every student’s goal

The nation's first "Student Success Center"

Listen to questions, understand needs, match resources, provide directions and suggestions, and help every student who is still looking for self-study or career direction to set goals during university, and achieve them step by step with the assistance of the university.

Services and Resources

Prepare in advance for the students' future career development

We have global career development professionals with professional licenses who provide consultation and assistance in motivation initiation, learning goal setting and action plan planning, etc. Through the achievement X micro-lectures, corporate internships, employment fairs and other services and resources, the future careers of students are prepared in advance.

Feng Chia assists employment directly

200,000 alumni + the strongest EMBA corporate group support

Our overseas and Taiwan industry-university cooperation and abundant 200,000 alumni resources can actively develop internship opportunities at home and abroad. We have the " 7+1 " and master's " 3+1 " off-campus professional internship mechanism and the industry-university alliance mechanism to provide internship opportunities, unique courses, special projects, exclusive enterprise laboratories, industry-university research projects, etc. to cooperate with more than 500 companies. More than 1,200 industry internship opportunities are offered every year so that students can get work experience in advance.