In order to achieve a bright future for graduates, Feng Chia University can still find suitable jobs during the epidemic. From March 16 to June, it will be held in the form of physical miniaturization (decentralized) matchmaking and online matchmaking.The activity includes various company briefing sessions, resume writing and interview skills series activities. At present, nearly 70 companies have provided nearly 6,000 job vacancies.

March is like "TSMC Month." On March 16, TSMC will first give a lecture on "Semiconductor Career Planning and Interview Skills". From March 24th to 26th, assist in the application of resumes. Medical consultation and the company briefing on March 30, a series of half-month recruitment activities.

In addition, a number of leading companies will visit the school for business briefings and collect resumes on site. The industries that provide recruitment information this time include electronic technology industry, manufacturing, precision machinery industry, construction industry, financial service industry, house brokerage service industry, department store related industry, catering service industry, circulation and retail industry, information technology industry, There are nearly 70 diversified industries including information service industry, education service industry, human resources and government defense industry.

The Achievement Student Center provides a matching platform for mutual benefit and common prosperity for both the industry and graduates, and finds good talents for high-quality enterprises.

Achievement Student Center plans a series of resume autobiography and interview skills courses, graduate career assessment, personal consultation, mock interviews (including online mock interviews), and at the same time provides a matching platform for mutual benefit and common prosperity for both the industry and graduates. Recommend Students will give priority to their resumes to recruiting companies to find good talents for high-quality companies. More Info please refer to the Website and FB of the Achievement Student Center .



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