College of Engineering and Science

The College has comprehensive engineering and science-related departments with CDIO and Design Thinking teaching approach. We are committed to the innovative teaching of artificial intelligence integrated into engineering education and cultivates multi-disciplinary talents who can help industry innovation and transformation. All departments and degree programs have passed IEET accreditation, with international recognition.

College of Business

A complete business management education system offering a wide range of business innovation curriculum and teaching materials by faculty members with both theoretical and practical experiences. Our degree programs provide diversity and students can have exchange opportunities with internationally renowned universities, for dual degrees to improve international mobility and develop international perspectives. We also have a comprehensive corporate internship system, multiple scholarships and bursaries to facilitate students to study at ease and enhance their employment competitiveness.

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

The College of Humanities and Social Sciences supports the thematization of courses, implements the CDIO innovative teaching approach, promotes artificial intelligence and user thinking design, introduces technology media and digital resources, combines the professional fields of humanities and society, develops multidisciplinary and diversified competitiveness, and strengthens industry-academia cooperation to train students to become talents needed for industrial upgrading.

College of Information and Electrical Engineering

All departments of the College of Information and Electrical Engineering have passed the IEET accreditation so that the graduates’ academic qualifications are in line with international standards to fully enhance students ’ technical ability in information and communications. Through our special projects, combining artificial intelligence, cloud technology, big data analytics and physical networking and other technologies, we enhance industry-academia interactions and strengthen international exchanges to provide students with a seamless career integration.

College of Construction and Development

The only college in Taiwan with the name of construction. We integrate the expertise of multidisciplinary departments to apply to the professional education of sustainable green environment planning, design, engineering, technology, and life aesthetics for constructing infrastructure for smart cities and smart life to cultivating land construction and maintenance professionals with innovative R&D, independent thinking, communication, coordination and teamwork.

College of Finance

In response to the global financial technology (FinTech) and industry development trends, we cultivate financial professionals with deep knowledge and cross-domain integration. Introducing fintech as a common minor course module for the whole college to give play to the multiplier benefits of multidisciplinary integration, students’professional competitiveness was constructed for the development of financial technology trends.

International School of Technology and Management

The International School of Technology and Management aims to cultivate international talents with global mobility. We specialize in running the 2+2 double bachelor's degree international program with foreign partner universities based on mutual recognition standards. Students will study at Feng Chia for the first two years and another two years at a foreign university obtaining double degrees after meeting the graduation requirements of the two universities. Our partner universities are throughout the United States and Australia covering engineering and commerce, including Purdue University, San Jose State University, San Francisco State University, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, and Queensland University, Australia. Co-operations with Sheffield University, UK and other top 100 universities in the world are undergoing further discussions.

School of Architecture

Taiwan's first school of architecture. We have three bachelor’s programs in architecture, interior design, and innovative design with common freshman and sophomore year courses so that all students receive a complete design basic training. From junior year onwards, different course modules are provided to allow students to choose to study architecture (five-year program), interior design (four-year program), and innovative design (four-year program). The course modules can be connected and small-module courses can be provided to students to choose freely. The School of Architecture emphasizes internationalization and professional internships inviting well-known masters at home and abroad to give lectures, and cooperating with renowned universities and firms in Asia-Pacific and Europe to provide international exchange and practice opportunities.

i. School

The i.School focuses on three application areas: smart manufacturing, smart business, and smart life, with artificial intelligence as the main theme of learning and technology application as the core by introducing corporate practical issues and nurturing the ability to master corporate business processes and select appropriate artificial intelligence technology key talents to solve business operational problems and improve the efficiency of smart operation. The i.School further supports the university’s learning environment and minor courses of intelligence and information, and big data analytical tools with multi-disciplinary collaboration programs so as to prepare value-added multi-disciplinary-intelligence students.

Center for General Education

The FCU General Education Center is a unit supporting students developing interdisciplinary learning. We not only offer diverse courses to fulfill students’ interests and curiosity but also coaching and encouraging students to apply and to run a course independently that satisfying certain purposes or interests.
The PMP program (Pre-major Program for International Freshman Students), which is managed by the FCU General Education Center, is the very first 1+3 program in Taiwan. The course, specifically designed for foreign students to smoothly adapt to language and culture transition, moreover, for them to discovered personal interests and adapting future majors. They will then be guided to join certain departments in FCU when turning sophomore.