The world is the classroom. Grasp the opportunity and grasp the moment. If you have the idea, Feng Chia will give you a ticket to realize your dream. Representing the university to compete overseas with your extra-ordinary strength. Bravely sending your resume to join an international internship. The world is not far away, just switch your mind.

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Global Mobility・Club Experience

Department of Foreign Languages and Literature-Kai

Every individual is a unique existence in this world. We all come from various origins, have different experiences, and own different dreams. This narrative is but a speck in the enormous ocean of humanity.


Global Mobility・Internship・Club Experience・Cross-domain Learning

Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science-LIN,MIN-YAN



Exchange Opportunities

Feng Chia provides diversified international exchange opportunities in professional training, social participation, cultural exploration and foreign language communication. We continue to expand and encourage students’ participation to cultivate your global mobility.

Participating in International Activities

The university not only encourages students to participate in various international activities or competitions but also provides substantial financial assistance and rewards.