The world is the classroom. Grasp the opportunity and grasp the moment. If you have the idea, Feng Chia will give you a ticket to realize your dream. Representing the university to compete overseas with your extra-ordinary strength. Bravely sending your resume to join an international internship. The world is not far away, just switch your mind.

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Global Mobility・Club Experience・Cross-domain Learning

College of Humanities and Social Sciences-Syu, An-Yu

Students can get free air tickets after submitting the plan book and passing the review. From the beginning of the selection plan book, the school allows students to plan, find institutions, and decide which country to go to. This is a trip to train us to be brave and independent. travel.


Innovation.Start-up・Club Experience

Department of Water Resources Engineering and Conservation-Siao,Shih-Ting

I took a cold shower for 50 days in Sri Lanka, met partners in Egypt, China, and Russia; went to Kyrgyzstan to make a documentary, and hiked uphills and streams in Xinjiang for 10 days. What I want to say is "Actually, you are braver than you think. If you want, you can do it!"


Global Mobility・Internship・Cross-domain Learning

Bo-Sheng , Jiang

Young wandering is a lifelong nutrient. "Be brave to make a breakthrough! Don't try to find opportunities in the closet." I believe in the law of attraction. If you have a dream, you must be brave to try, instead of staying in the comfort zone day after day, making a little change every day, for a long time. You can see amazing growth and changes.


Global Mobility

Department of Statistics-Hong, Ci-Jyun

Although this process is really painful and hard work, but "things will pass, the past will become very cute", when I look back, I find that everything I did is meaningful, even now it is worth it. Regret is also the driving force for progress, so do not regret it in the future.


Global Mobility

Department of Land Management-Wang, Li-Ci

Actively seizing the opportunities provided by Feng Chia University, I won a scholarship of nearly 250,000 yuan, visited four countries in one year, and met many people and things during the journey, which made me more brave.


Exchange Opportunities

Feng Chia provides diversified international exchange opportunities in professional training, social participation, cultural exploration and foreign language communication. We continue to expand and encourage students’ participation to cultivate your global mobility.

Participating in International Activities

The university not only encourages students to participate in various international activities or competitions but also provides substantial financial assistance and rewards.