I have experienced many failures in submitting plans to go abroad, but I have never been discouraged by my continuous efforts. Finally, I got the opportunity to go to Sri Lanka and Kyrgyzstan as an international volunteer.

During my university, I visited 15 cities in eight countries. This learning journey made me discover: "My own life is created by myself, the experiences of others are stories, and my own experience is life!"When the opportunity is right in front of you, don't care if you are ready, dare to fight for it, challenge the limit, and then you can take a path out of the ordinary.

I took a cold shower for 50 days in Sri Lanka, met partners in Egypt, China, and Russia; went to Kyrgyzstan to make a documentary, and hiked uphills and streams in Xinjiang for 10 days. What I want to say is "Actually, you are braver than you think. If you want, you can do it!"


In fact, you are braver than you think. If you want, you can do it!


Participate in AIESEC activities

How to apply for going abroad?

The "International Experiential Learning Program" opened by the General Studies Center does not have a fixed timetable. Students can freely listen to the salon sharing and senior sisters’ experience talks, and conceive their own overseas plans. As long as they pass the school’s review, they can get school air ticket subsidies and go abroad. Complete the plan.

Try bravely, chance is yours

Because of her own story, she was invited by the school to be the speaker of Fengjia Freshman Growth Camp. This is something I never thought about. I was afraid of speaking on stage at first, but when I thought that my sharing could help more students to grasp resources and bravely pursue their dreams, I decided to give it a try. Opportunities are not reserved for those who are ready, but for those who dare to seize the opportunity. As long as you try everything bravely, I believe you will gain every time!

Go bold and choose! Never regret every attempt you make.


Serve as the speaker of the Freshman Growth Camp


2017 Little Water Drop Growth Camp and Love River Promotion Activity

Department of Water Resources Engineering and Conservation has internships and overseas exchange opportunities

During the summer vacation of juniors to seniors, nearly half of the water conservancy students go to engineering consulting companies or research centers for internships. The department also provides internship opportunities for companies in the next semester of the senior year.

The department and Shanghai Tongji University signed an exchange plan. The senior and graduate students have the opportunity to participate in ex-situ teaching in water conservancy research centers or universities in Japan and China, to learn about water conservancy knowledge in various countries and expand their horizons.


Visit the dam


By|Department of Water Resources Engineering and Conservation - Siao,Shih-Ting


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