I thought about what it means to live in this world, but I couldn't find a clear answer. Finally, I thought that maybe it didn't make much sense. But I believe that everyone has their own mission to accomplish. What mission do they want to accomplish? It's up to me to decide, choosing the Department of Finance and Taxation is also one of my decisions.

The choice without regret-Department of Public Finance

Before entering a business, I knew that accounting and tax law was the "trauma" of business students. And I know very well that my goal is to obtain an accountant license. This road to my goal is not easy. Fortunately, the teachers in the department have enough ability to help me overcome the difficulties in accounting and tax law.

I walked along the way to the university and participated in many departmental activities. I also met a group of like-minded companions who had done many crazy things with them, running mountains, watching night scenes, Chongwuling, rounding the island.

For these various reasons, let me know that I was right to choose the Department of Public Finance in Fengjia!

Internship in the IRS, early integration with enterprises

The department arranges internship opportunities for the Internal Revenue Service so that we can understand in advance whether public servants are suitable for us? At that time, I was assigned to the camp and the Legacy Tax Division of the Taichung Branch. Through this internship, I knew clearly that civil servants were not the future I wanted. After this internship, I learned about how civil servants in the IRS deal with tax declaration cases and filing.

Whether it suits you or not, you still have to go for an internship to know. I hope that those who have the opportunity can also participate in the internship.

Internship at the camp and Legacy Tax Division of Taichung Branch

Winning formula = clear goals + practical plans + a little luck

During the internship at the IRS, my intern partner and his goal were to get a job in the IRS, and my goal was to be admitted to the IRS. Although the final field was different, some of the examination subjects overlapped, so I was admitted to the general exam accounting. Taxi is our consensus.

Many people have asked me why I took the exam as a bookkeeper in the first place. I am not a student with the top grades in my class, but... I know what I want! If one day, I am the boss of a company or firm, I think that in addition to academic qualifications and professional abilities, the place to prove my ability is the certificate. The college entrance examination accountant needs to graduate from college to be eligible for the exam, so I set the goal of getting the accountant's license first in my junior year.

Accountant Certificate

The first step is to establish that something is possible then probability will occur. - Elon Musk

When I was preparing for the accountant, I affirmed my abilities and gave myself a goal that I had passed the exam. Although I encountered too many questions in the process, I couldn't remember the law. I insisted on believing in myself, this test is not qualified to beat me, arrange a schedule that can be completed within my limits, slowly practice it, and finally, I was on the list with a score of 70.

Participating in the Qinye Zhongxin Tax Expert Challenge has strengthened my will

Entering the Big Four accounting firm is my planned future. Under the leadership of Teacher Hong Guoren, I will participate in the National Tax Expert Challenge organized by Qinye Zhongxin. In addition to discussing tax-related issues with classmates, he also competes with contestants from various prestigious schools across the country. When participating in the competition, I also asked the supervisor of Qinye Zhongxin about many firms, which made me firmer in my will to enter the Big Four accounting firm.

Participated in the Qinye Zhongxin Tax Expert Challenge

Learn about teamwork in the Department of Public Finance

After joining the Department of Public Finance, the Department of Finance and Taxation has successfully held camps, year-end parties, family gatherings, sports weeks, e-sports weeks, and other activities under the arrangements of the president and the general call of various activities. It is inevitable that there will be differences in the course of the activity, but only by learning to handle things maturely through the differences and with the full cooperation of each member can we complete each activity. This let me know that whether it is department activities or future work, it is impossible to complete it alone. Success requires teamwork!

The Department of Public Finance Society held a year-end party

Everyone is an artist. During this university, I created value for my artworks, and also to allow me in the future to look at the photos of the year and recall the various things accomplished by the university without regretting the blankness.

After reading my story, how do you want to create your life?

By|Department of Public Finance LIU,JIN-ZHI


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