#Freshman, take control of their future

The moment I first stepped into FengChia, it determined my life for the next four years.

The basic courses such as calculus, economics, accounting, and introduction to finance and taxation, which are common subjects of the business school, are basic courses, but they are the cornerstones of future advanced courses and lay a solid foundation for the extended courses of the second and third years in the future. The three key points of tax law, accounting, and economy have become abilities that they can carry with them. In addition to schoolwork, dormitory life and extracurricular activities also add a lot of color to me. Many new challenges are worth exploring and trying when I leave my hometown to study in another place!

#Society-Department of Public Finance Society

The sophomore year was when the pressure of schoolwork took off. In addition to maintaining a certain degree of grades, he also actively participated in the club. He served as the head of public relations in the department. In addition to cultivating his own logical skills, his communication skills also increased significantly. During this year, Organized large and small events, learned the talents that I lacked, and learned the ability of teamwork, so that I can become a talent with both soft and hard capabilities.

Acting as the Director of Public Relations

#Off-campus internship-winter vacation IRS internship

Knowing the importance of practical learning, when others are having fun, don’t forget to keep making progress. Through your accumulated tax law knowledge, you can practice in the Comprehensive Income Tax Division of the National Taxation Bureau, assist the public in the withholding declaration, and put the theory into practice. In practice, there may be a gap, but this is a great learning opportunity.

Opportunities don’t fall out of thin air, but are won by myself. In more than a month, I will use "enrichment" to define the return that this opportunity brings to me.

#Internal and external competitions-Qinye Zhongxin Tax Expert Challenge, Study and Use Statistics Contest, Central District IRS Fast Tax Expert

During my sophomore and junior year, I participated in many competitions inside and outside the school. Each competition allowed me to take it to the next level. I represented the department in the activities organized by Qinye Zhongxin Certified Public Accountants. All of the universities and colleges in Taiwan were invited. They all tried their best to advance, and the process of the team fighting for glory was really hard; when there was a bottleneck in the statistics competition, everyone brainstormed the process; the courage to speak in the tax expert competition, the vision gained from various experiences and The spirit of cooperation gave birth to who I am today.

The outside world is big, so bravely step out and try, what if you fall, turn it into a valuable experience, and continue to work hard!

#Academic-Ministry of Science and Technology Project

It is worth mentioning that when I was in my junior year, Director Wu Chaoqin assisted me in applying for the "Research Program for Junior College Students of the Ministry of Science and Technology." During the implementation of the program, I used the calculus I learned to combine with the financial field. During the university period, I started to contact academic articles and read about the future research institute. Writing articles or writing articles is just like a tiger, gaining a lot, and making preliminary preparations for the research ability of the master's class.

Participate in the research project of the Ministry of Science and Technology

#Five years consistently

In addition, FengChia is a school that encourages students to express their opinions and listen to their ideas and suggestions. It also provides many resources to students. Not only does it have many extracurricular courses offered by the library and the foreign language center, but it also provides a five-year master's degree system that allows In the senior year, students to take the courses of the graduate school through the status of pre-graduate students.

Up to now, in addition to saving time, the school also provides students with excellent grades-free or half reduction of tuition for master's degree, which means that the graduate school does not need tuition. It is indeed a way to keep outstanding students and continue to make progress. Incentives. I believe that by adhering to multi-faceted humility and learning, using myself as a sponge to continue learning and absorbing, I will be able to make good use of FengChia 's resources to gain a lot of ability and knowledge.

Finally, I encourage you to bravely step out of your comfort zone and take a look at the vastness of the outside world. Don't be afraid of failure, because you don't even dare to take a step.

By|Department of Public Finance DAI,JYUN-AN


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