After graduating from high school, I chose FengChia Department of Public Finance to study, and then I entered graduate school as a graduate student. In the past six years, in addition to receiving professional courses, I am most grateful to meet many kind teachers and friends. A group of good friends, let me gain a lot of nourishment these days. In addition, many flowers and plants are planted on the campus, and ducks are also raised. It is quite pleasant to slow down and look at the flowers, plants, and small animals occasionally.

Beautiful campus

The curriculum planning of the Department of Public Financewill be very helpful for students who want to take a certificate or challenge a public office (finance and tax administration) in the future. For me, the tax law and accounting that I studied in the university are preparing for the accounting exam. Lay the foundation.

During college, I was most interested in tax law courses. Why? I think it is because it is the most life-oriented! Taxation is closely related to daily life. After the knowledge of tax law is established, it is inevitable to start to pay attention to the things related to taxation in life! Students who are interested in taxation may wish to take a few more elective courses on tax law to build a broader knowledge of taxation.

Graduated from university!

The training model of the graduate school courses is very different from that of the university. In addition to more theoretical courses, reports are usually used as a grading method. At this time, it is necessary to collect data for written collation and be prepared to go to the stage to make oral reports.

At first, I couldn’t help but worry about whether I could fully prepare the report and overcome the nervousness of the oral report. But after several reports, I found that things were not as difficult as I imagined. If I try, I will gradually improve, so I am reading During the master class, I gradually improved my professionalism, oral expression, and teamwork skills.

There is a five-year consistent system in the department. You can take the master's course in your senior year, and you can study for one year after graduating from university. In addition, the school also provides tuition and miscellaneous fee subsidies for students with excellent university grades to encourage students Continue to study.

The library has a lot of resources, not just borrowing books and reading

In addition to professional courses, if you want to learn something in other fields, the library will regularly hold information literacy workshops, such as Illustrator, Photoshop, or video editing software teaching, etc. You can find detailed information on the library website. I have signed up several times, and through these courses, I can get in touch with fields that are not usually related.

In addition, the library also offers courses such as searching for academic journals, downloading data from the database, and using bibliographic management software. Through teaching, you can reduce your own exploration time, which is very helpful for graduate students. In short, in addition to borrowing books and reading, the library also has many resources to use, so remember to make good use of them.

Take an accountant

School teachers often encourage students to obtain professional licenses to facilitate future employment. In the next semester of my senior year, I started to prepare for the accountant exam. I did not go to the cram school. I bought the textbooks for self-study. The basic concepts of each subject are very important. In the beginning, I reviewed the basics of accounting to be proficient and then went to more. In-depth scope, other subjects are also general patterns. Of course, during the months of preparing for the exam, I occasionally feel tired or even want to give up. At this time, you don’t have to force yourself too much. First, adjust your mentality to put yourself in a comfortable position, and then continue to work hard. It’s important. Don't give up.

TOEIC Golden Certificate

When I was in the master's class, I also started to prepare for the TOEIC test. On the one hand, I had to pass the English graduation threshold set by the department. On the other hand, I hoped that I could make progress in the language. Both of these prompted me to learn English. He was more motivated on the road, and his final test score exceeded 900 points.

In addition,FengChia  provides considerable help in language learning. In addition to English-related courses, the school also offers a variety of foreign language elective courses such as Japanese, Korean, German, French, and Spanish. These courses will go from basic to advance. I have studied basic Japanese and Korean when I was in college. If you are someone who has no other language foundation like me, don’t worry about not being able to keep up with the progress, because at the beginning, the teachers will be Starting from the simplest teaching, as long as you study hard, you will be rewarded. This part is highly recommended to students who are interested in foreign language learning!

Finally, in addition to the personal experience and opinions mentioned above, there are many other things you can do in campus life. You can try everything you are interested in. The resources provided by the school can also be used more. I hope everyone can create their own. Brilliant four years.

By| Department of Public Finance LIN,YU-CING