In September 2017, I left my parents and my hometown to study in Taiwan from Malaysia. With the increase of distance, I went from excitement to loss. The excitement is that I can finally fly freely. What is lost is the helplessness of being unfamiliar in life; but The short-term loss was quickly wiped out. After arriving at Taoyuan Airport, the senior of the International Student Association of Feng Chia University contacted me, which made me feel safe when I first arrived.

I also joined the International Student Association. Begin to assist and organize a number of campus activities. The preparations for the 2017 International Student Union Fun Games made me know many friends of different nationalities on campus.

2017 International "Star Wish" Christmas Party

Who says learning is limited to the classroom

Fortunately, before the outbreak of Covid-19, I had the honor to participate in the overseas teaching and internship courses of the department. During the winter vacation, I visited Sun Desheng University in Vietnam and had academic exchanges with students from the Department of Environmental Safety of Sun Desheng University.

Overseas teaching and internship courses to Vietnam for academic exchanges with students from the Department of Environmental Safety of Sun Desheng University of the local university

Don't miss any chance to learn, and actively seize every opportunity to exercise yourself!

With the encouragement and guidance of the professor, he successfully passed the 109-year research plan for junior college students of the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the preliminary results of the research were also submitted to the Indoor Air 2020 International Symposium. This experience allowed me to re-examine myself, to improve my research literacy and professional ability, to understand more about what to do in research, to gain a sense of accomplishment from it, and to increase my motivation to continue learning.

"Learning is endless" I often urge myself to study seriously, cultivate and improve various abilities; I elect to take the "Labor Safety and Health Credit Course", not only can I obtain relevant professional knowledge, as long as I have completed 9 credits that meet the credit criteria of the Labor Committee, Once you have reached the qualification of labor safety and health administrator (level B), you can reach the qualification of labor safety manager (level A) after completing 18 credits that meet the credit certification standards of the labor committee!

With the compulsory courses of the labor safety and health credit course, go to the site for actual visits, and combine the lessons learned with the practice!

Be curious about the world, don’t set limits

Arrange your own timetable-cross-field learning

Feng Chia is undoubtedly a university with abundant resources and opportunities. The learning opportunities are won by oneself, and Fengjia provides abundant resources and high-quality learning environment. Liberal Studies microcredits are no longer limited to traditional credit allocation and limited learning topics, providing students with multiple choices. I have participated in the biomedical science and technology guide series, career series, Sketch up interior design drawing workshop, etc. The diversified courses, and through learning and development, I constantly challenge myself and come into contact with new fields.

Go to the Hsinchu affiliated hospital of China Medical University for field teaching and experience the application of biomedical engineering technology. Put on a complete set of clean clothes and enter the operating room. The doctor and the maintenance engineer of the Da Vinci robotic arm manufacturer will give an introduction

The Sketch up interior design drawing workshop is the most memorable course for me. Through the three-day intensive course, I use Sketchup software to draw interior design drawings. From the zero foundation to the completion of the work, I have a sense of accomplishment, and I never thought I would be exposed to interior design. , Show your favorite style.

8Works after a short three-day intensive course. Title of work: "Jian ● Art"

Feng Chia University has a lot of resources, but few people caught it.

I don't regret coming here. I feel very fulfilled in my four years of life. I have always tried my best in my studies. I have been in the top three in the department for professional subjects.

I firmly believe that those who work hard are lucky. I choose the brilliant college career I want, and I believe you can too!

By|Department of Environmental Engineering and Science - Lo ,I-Lin


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