The first compulsory course of the university: bravery

Before university, I didn't know how to get along with people, so I used to hide in the comfort zone. In fact, I hated myself like this. So before entering Feng Chia University, I set a goal for myself: "Brave out of the comfort zone".

大學生愛分享_ 逢甲大學企業管理學系柏安華_台下坐滿上千新生的「新鮮人成長營」 我勇敢舉手上台與太陽馬戲團的陳星合先生互動

The "Fresh People Growth Camp" filled with thousands of freshmen under the stage, I bravely raised my hand and interacted with Mr. Chen Xinghe from Cirque du Soleil

The second compulsory course of the university: learning and exploration

In the past, I did not have a clear goal to study for grades, so I chose to learn professional knowledge first; I was very lucky to make such a decision at that time, because later on, it greatly helped me to apply for exchange abroad, research institute and personal development.In addition to learning, I also began to actively explore myself, participate in various activities, and do things that I have never done or dared to do in the past; in the process, I gradually found my position and learned to manage myself better.


Actively explore yourself and participate in various activities

The third compulsory course of the university: challenge yourself

When encountering setbacks, you will definitely want to give up, and giving up also requires courage, so why not use this courage to move on

The International Experience Program is a program of Feng Chia University to send students abroad to experience and study. The most attractive thing about this program at the beginning is that it has no language skills restrictions. As long as you dare to participate in the selection, the school will provide it after the program is passed. Subsidy.

This is a great boon for me as a rookie in English. The plan book I wrote with my heart in the first year was not responded to. In the second year, I wanted to give up a little bit, but I met a teacher who encouraged and supported me, which made me cheer up again. , Prepared the plan and passed the review smoothly.


International Experience Project→Journey to Fudan→Entrepreneurship to pursue dreams, constantly challenge yourself, your world will become different.

The exchange of experience at Fudan University in Mainland China gave me many unexpected gains. In addition to the learning of knowledge, I also gained rare friendships. When I was in a foreign country, these friends would come out to help me without hesitation. Of course, they would also eat together and complain about the unhappiness in life. They gave a touch of warmth when they were alone.

大學生愛分享_ 逢甲大學企業管理學系柏安華_到大陸復旦大學的交換經驗,讓我有了許多意外的收穫。

The exchange experience of Fudan University in Mainland China gave me many unexpected gains.

The fourth compulsory course of the university: dream

What is the difference between being a human being without a dream? I have always had a dream, which is to start a business.

The international experience program that I participated in during my sophomore year was an opportunity to start a business. Chatting with friends I met locally led to the idea of ​​starting a business, and put this idea into practice. Although a company of a certain size has not been established yet, this The process has given me a lot, and it has also allowed me to embark on the journey of chasing dreams.

Now I am in my fourth year of university, unconsciously, I have transformed from a nerd to an adventurer who dares to challenge myself.

Courage, study and exploration, challenge yourself, and dreams are the four required courses of the university. I dare not say that they are a hundred, but they are all passed. I am very grateful to myself for making the right choice at the beginning, which gave me courage and opportunities. Continue to challenge myself, and even embark on the road of chasing dreams.

By|Department of Business Administration - Bo, An-Hua


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