Every time you choose to step out, it may change your life

With an inexplicable impulse, the freshman participated in the international experience program of the General Education Center. It was my first self-guided trip. The four girls never knew each other and went on a charity trip to a remote village in northern Thailand and returned to China. Later, I was lucky enough to get the chance to compete in the Ministry of Education. For the first time, I shared my story in front of more than 100 people. The training in the preparation process greatly increased my presentation ability. I am also grateful to the teachers who have been with me and encouraged me to make today. I never set limits on myself.

In the supplementary time, children will have Thai and Chinese lessons during the day, and English and Thai exchanges in the evening.

Experience bathing an elephant

We prepared the graffiti wall with our heart to give to the children, we hope that when we encounter unhappy things in the future, we can remember the encouragement of our sisters.

Develop the habit of challenging, failure is never terrible

The ATCC National Colleges and Universities Business Case Contest is organized by "companies give questions and students answer". Each year participating companies provide a real business topic that they face, and give it to the student teams of various colleges and universities to think, study, and design and plan related s solution.

In my sophomore year, a group of friends and I participated in the ATCC business competition. A one-month intensive schedule. Everyone worked hard for a common goal. I have never experienced it. I have never experienced it. One month of brainstorming has allowed everyone to grow up quickly. To be able to stand out among many teams, but for us, it is enough for us to enjoy and participate in the competition.

Work hard and sometimes get unexpected surprises

As a sophomore, he participated in the junior college student research program of the Ministry of Science and Technology, which is like early experience of the process of postgraduate writing thesis. Although the future direction is still not determined, even if you fail, you can accumulate more experience. idea.In the beginning, it was very hard to contact the materials, a bunch of unfamiliar proper nouns, but after reading for a long time, I found that the original wind protection system was different from what I thought at that time. It involves vast knowledge and profound knowledge. Professional theory far exceeds my imagination.I am very grateful to the professor who mentored me even though I knew that I was a sophomore with a blank sheet of paper. At that time, I was chased by the deadline. Even after the submission, I was still uneasy; but at the moment of knowing that I passed, everything was worth it. , The unparalleled happiness and sense of accomplishment are still unforgettable, and this has become a very important milestone in my college career.

The biggest enemy hindering oneself is often oneself. As long as you take the first step, the first step will not be so difficult! You may even find that you like it one day.

Fortunately, I won the opportunity of the Ministry of Education to share my story in front of more than 100 people for the first time.

By|Department of Risk Management and Insurance - Cheng, Yi-Jhen


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