When I first entered university, I was full of expectations and imaginations about the free life of university, but after experiencing the first mid-term exam, I gradually felt the difference between university and high school and understood the importance of self-discipline.

The freshman year is exposed to the main subjects of business, such as accounting, economics, calculus, etc. These are all basic subjects. It is recommended that you must study them carefully, and you will use them later!In addition to studying, I also actively participate in activities, such as sports games, campus road runs, and Miss Treasury at the end of the year of the Department of Public Finance.

Volunteer Service

I started to get in touch with professional subjects related to tax law in my sophomore year, and I really learned that tax law is not a simple and interesting subject.I also started taking many tax courses, preparing for the examination and obtaining certificates, and represented the department to participate in the "Tax Talent Challenge".

This competition is divided into individual competitions and team competitions. Participating in individual competitions is stressful and stressful. Team competitions At that time, everyone brainstormed together and learned valuable experience outside the classroom, which made me more interested in tax law and more confident in myself.

Although I almost made it to the finals, this experience has taught me the importance of communicating with partners and listening to other people's ideas in the team. There will be many break-ins and differences in the team. I am very happy that everyone overcomes the difficulties in the process and becomes good friends.

Participate in the "Qinye Zhongxin Tax Expert Challenge" on behalf of the department

Passed the National Examination-Specialized General Exam Accountant

Obtaining a professional license is very helpful for future work. In my junior year, I relied on FengChia's resources and my own efforts to successfully obtain a professional license without tuition.

Feng Chia has many great resources, regardless of the learning environment and professional teachers. We encourage students to make good use of school resources.I am now a senior pre-graduate student. This is the "five-year consistent" system promoted by the school.

4 years of university + 1 year of master’s degree, obtain a bachelor’s and master’s double degree; apply to the department in the second semester of the junior year, and become a preparatory graduate student for the master’s program after admission. Institute courses.

By|Department of Public Finance - Li,Syuan


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