I remember that when I decided on my high school ambitions, I saw "Photoelectric" and I had only one feeling: this name is so cool!

At that time, the Iron Man was taming, which gave me a longing for Optoelectronics.

The coincidence of dream and reality

College students are far from high school students. Most high school students learn from books. In addition to talking to books, colleges also operate various instruments that were previously seen in movies.

Everyone said: college life is often different from what you imagined, but it is not the case, from holography, 3D visualization interface to long projection distance, night vision goggles, weapons, widely used laser light and lighting everywhere in life. Design, and can't live without your optical fiber communication system, the Department of Photonics will be exposed to these things that only existed in dreams, and they really came into my life after college.


3D display interface to the long and long projection distance, night vision goggles, weapons, widely used laser light and lighting design that can be seen everywhere in life, and can not be without your network optical fiber communication system, optoelectronics will be exposed.

MOOCs: General Physics Experiment Workshop Teaching Project

Ten minutes on stage, ten years off stage. Behind each work, there are sweat and stories. In my freshman year, it coincided with the school’s promotion of flipped classrooms. I had the honor to participate in one of the MOOCs: general physics experiment workshop teaching program; from the initial presentation of ideas and the selection of themes, to the actual scenes and filming; and "Television A" cooperated to complete the teaching materials, and the results won the gold medal for learning technology.


General physics experiment manual workshop teaching plan; from the initial presentation and concept selection, to real framing and filming; and cooperated with "Feng Jia TV Station" to complete the teaching materials, and the results won the gold medal of learning technology.

Exciting student club life

In my sophomore year, because of my interest, I took over the general affairs of the "China Medical Research Society". I often needed to go to the campus to set up stalls, distribute leaflets, and even teach in person when opening social classes. Every activity involved contacting doctors outside the school and talking to the school. Rent venues, apply for funds, or go to night market vendors to raise funds, plan the activity process, and challenge one after another.


Served as the general secretary of the Chinese Medical Research Society

Make an impact   start with the student organization of the department

In his junior year, he was elected as the vice president of the 12th Department of Optoelectronic Science and Engineering.I know that in many schools, self-governing associations such as student organizations and student unions in the department are just decorations and have no influence on the decision-making of the department. But in Fengjia, I must deny this statement because we really affect every Meetings.

From the most basic, collecting suggestions from each class through class representatives and responding to the department, as well as requesting changes to various courses at the course meeting, to "an appointment with the principal" every semester to speak for the department and so on.


In my junior year, through the department election, I was elected as the vice president of "The 12th Department of Optoelectronic Science and Engineering"

Inter-school competition, challenge again

When I was in my senior year, I registered for the "Central District Inter-School Quality Student Report Competition" with the theme of toastmaster. This is the first time I took the stage to interact with the audience in English. Although I only won the Best Popularity Award in the end, no matter what the result is, just Take action, experience with your heart, and enjoy the moment, and you will gain something.

The term toastmaster originated from a speech training club in the United States in 1924. We gathered a group of like-minded friends to exchange ideas on some interesting films in English at each event.


Participated in the Inter-School Quality Student Report Competition in Central District

Grasp the opportunity, the potential is limitless

Today, I am a graduate student of the Institute of Photonics, Tsinghua University. I recalled that when I was in the Chinese Medicine Society, I had co-organized C5 for the new year with 5 universities in central China. At that time, I didn’t pay much attention to the community atmosphere of other schools. Supporting the diverse development of students. Every day, we can see how precious it is for students to distribute flyers, shoot promotional videos, walk around in publicity vehicles, and set up market stalls with clubs on the road.

Feng Chia University has abundant resources, such as an open school spirit, overseas internships, competitions, and various trainings. In Fengjia, I learned how to manage, market, cooperate, communicate and plan; if you want, there will never be a chance. This is a university where everyone can learn from happiness.


By|Department of Photonics - Huang, Ying-Syun


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