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For four years in university, I went through summer camps for data sciences, summer general education courses at the "Summer United University" overseas, taught children programming in towns and townships, led group health, served as public relations for hot dance clubs, promoted dance exhibitions involving thousands of people, and passed junior college students from the Ministry of Science and Technology. Planning, serving as a pre-graduate student, entering the software engineering laboratory chaired by the professor, establishing the iOS Club as the communication and learning between the various sessions of the Department of Science and Engineering, planning the Swift language community course, submitting works to the school and outside thematic competitions, and co-developing the weather with friends The real-time forecasting app eventually reached 100,000 downloads and became the champion of unclassified rankings.

Co-developed a weather forecast app with friends, and finally reached 100,000 downloads, and became the unclassified champion

I think that programming is only one of the tools that capital workers should have. Only when they find their personal interests and enthusiasm, can they find their way of survival in the midst of competition.

In addition, I want to tell my younger siblings in particular, don’t retreat because they are not good at mathematics. The most important thing in the Department of Science and Engineering is the interest in programming, logic and thinking skills. Everyone will also be curious, what is the difference between the Fenchia Department of Information Engineering and Department of Electrical Engineering and the Department of Electronics and Electrical Engineering? The Department of Electronics and Electrical Engineering is a department that focuses on hardware. The Department of Information Technology of Fengjia covers part of the hardware, but the most important thing is to learn the development of software programs.

I’m not born to write programs. I rely on my passion and experimentation to complete App masterpieces.

At first, I even had to read the journal work very hard and the programming was not good, but I still did not retreat. I desperately asked the senior sister for advice and discussion, so that my programming ability quickly caught up.

Writing a program is like climbing a mountain. You know that you have to go to the top of the mountain, but it is hard to predict that you will encounter cliffs or get lost in the forest during the journey, so every step you take is a great torment, and there are many of them. It’s not enough to rely on what you have learned in the university. Sometimes you need luck, more attempts, resources, and constant google.

My first app work in university was the Super Menu meal delivery system. It was inspired by my observation of exchanges in Shanghai during my freshman year. The work won the best topic, best briefing, and wisdom of the Ministry of Education in the school's topic competition in 2016. The terminal and human-computer interactive software creation topic competition is recognized for excellent works.

I launched my second work Taxi Bar in my senior year, allowing users to scan the taxi license plate to understand the driver’s past evaluations. This work not only won second place in the 2017 Smart Terminal and Human-Computer Interactive Software Creation Competition by the Ministry of Education, And was invited to exhibit at the Maker Faire in Taipei, which gave me a lot of confidence.

Later, with the passion of "I want to use good programs to improve people's lives", I formed a weather forecast app development team with three or five friends. This app has reached 100,000 downloads and became the unclassified ranking champion. , Also accepts interviews with online media and radio stations.

I want to tell the younger siblings, "Professional knowledge can be supplemented, but if you missed the stage, you can't come back!", "Get out of the frame! If you want something you never have, then you have to do what you have never done before. thing!"

Please seize every opportunity in college life and be brave enough to try, even for the smallest things, to do your best. In the near future, you will definitely thank yourself for your hard work at that time.

Passionate partner

Participated in the APP mobile application innovation competition and won the special award

What is the most special of Fengchia employees?

The first feature is that the department of other school resources and engineering is mostly integrated with a specific field, and the difficulty of the course is mostly gradually deepened from freshman to senior year. However, the Fengjia Department of Engineering is focused on stabilizing students' programming skills, which can be called It is "the most well-funded department of labor," and it emphasizes programming training from the freshman year. I think the most important course for the freshman year is "Introduction to Computers." It teaches how to type C language. Although C language is an intermediate language, if you can use this to train logic first, it will be of great help to follow-up learning advanced languages.

The second feature is that the Fengjia Department of Resources and Engineering is the largest department in Fengjia. Not only is it rich in teachers and assistants who are willing to help students, but it also has a 24-hour computer classroom and G-print maker space (with laser engraving machine), 3D printer). The most special thing is that Fengjia has the only Apple-certified regional training center in Taiwan, RTC, with professional teachers and teaching materials certified by Apple. The department has courses on iOS App development every semester.

The noble man in life, teacher CHEN,YI-JHONG

Three cross-disciplinary programs of Fengchia employees

In the sophomore year, there are three university courses in computer systems, software engineering, and networking, allowing students to choose cross-fields based on their interests, and do not need to complete a certain course of credits to graduate.

"Computer System Course": The language of controlling hardware, such as writing programs in a single chip, is biased towards hardware implementation, and can be developed in the direction of firmware and hardware engineers in the future. In today’s job market, firmware engineers have the most favorable salary, but they have higher professional thresholds and more difficult writing language. Students who are passionate about hardware and comfortable with programming are recommended to study.

"Software Engineering Program": Learn all aspects of software programs from conception, design, development to operation and maintenance. In the future, you can engage in App or web development, or serve as a test engineer, maintenance engineer, etc.

"Network and Information Security Course": A major that includes network communication technology and data security protection, such as the "Cryptography" course, which teaches how to encrypt and decrypt data to prevent data from being intercepted by hackers. In addition, given the development trend of big data, the Fengjia Department of Resources and Engineering has also cooperated with foreign departments to establish a new "Information Cross-Domain Course" to learn about big data and financial technology.

The people who came here talked about the correction of the eyebrows

The five most important courses in Fengjia's four-year engineering department are "Introduction to Computer", "Data Structure", "Object-Oriented Design", "Database" and "Algorithm". Younger siblings absolutely must complete these five courses. When they take deeper courses, they will not encounter learning difficulties. Moreover, these five courses are also the most likely questions for interviewers and business owners when applying for engineers.

Countdown to graduates from the Department of Information Engineering, what can you choose?

Juniors and seniors can plan for the future early. If you want to study in graduate school but also want to shorten the time to obtain a master's degree, you can consider applying for a pre-graduate in your junior year and get a master's degree within five years of university.

Students who want to choose the "Graduation Project" can start looking for group members in the third year. After a year of courses, each group will submit the final results to industry experts and outside professors for comment.

As for students who want to choose "Enterprise Internship", in the first semester of their senior year, they will study "Introduction to Industrial Internship". The school will assist in matching internship units. After passing the November or December corporate interviews, they can start the internship in the next semester and earn credits. And provide a salary.

If it is a student who is ready to get a job, graduated from Fengjia Engineering Department, most often work as a software engineer, test engineer, firmware engineer, etc.

My IOH lecture

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By| Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science RUAN,YANG-JHOU


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