Everyone makes choices all the time. When we make decisions, we always think about a lot. I am afraid that I will make a wrong decision. I always tell myself that since I have made a decision, don’t regret it, because it is the best choice at the moment. Life is fulfilling, even sometimes too busy, I don't regret making these decisions because these choices let me experience the path of growth earlier than others.

Cross-border cooperation to expand horizons

Three years of self-government clubs, from cooperation with the students in the Department of Precision, to the leadership position of the vice-minister of the student union, and co-organizing activities with club members of different natures, every time I can learn from others what I am not good at . Everyone has different ideas about things, some are novel, absurd or practical, but the team cannot meet everyone's needs. How to strike a balance, solve problems, learn to accept others and communicate effectively is the biggest challenge for leaders.The Graduate Working Committee is affiliated to the Student Union. It mainly handles the rental of graduate degree gowns, contacting the graduation groups of various departments for filming, making graduation albums and graduation songs, as well as the most enthusiastic graduation concerts and graduation lectures. Facing the inconvenience caused by the epidemic , the team is also actively adapting and trying its best to provide the best service for graduates.


Class 110 student self-government inheritance (upper left), group photo of the extracurricular activities group "After Class" program staff and guests (upper right), and Bachelor's Program of Precision System Design camp (lower).


A group photo of the staff of the 2022 graduation concert (top), the Christmas event of the 27th Student Union (bottom left), and a certificate of appreciation for the graduation lecture lecturer (bottom right).

Pave the way early for employment

Feng Chia University provides a lot of resources. If you have decided that you want to study in a graduate school in the future, you may wish to apply for pre-graduate students in advance. You can complete the double degree of bachelor and master in a familiar environment in as little as 5 years, which is very conducive to future employment.In the graduate school, you will see different teaching and learning methods from the university department, because at this time every graduate student is clear about his study and employment goals, and will actively participate in cross-border cooperation projects, and the collisions during cooperation are very different. same experience. Studying for a master's degree means taking a step closer to gaining new knowledge in the direction you like, so you need a lot of enthusiasm to persist. For me, it is cool to turn my interest into a profession and open up an unknown field!


A group photo of the students of theMaster's Program of Electro-Acoustics and Mr. Liu Yucheng.

Every choice should be respected and encouraged

The programming courses that are very important in the precision course: C language, MATLAB, image recognition and AI big data are all guided by Director Tsai Yu-ding. The life-oriented teaching stimulates students' interest in learning and narrows the distance between students and teachers. At the end of the second semester of the first grade, I felt hesitant about my future employment direction, so I talked to the director. The director not only gave advice on the coursework, but also told me the importance of network building. I couldn't understand it at the moment, but it wasn't until the eve of my senior year when I remembered what the director said, that I realized that networking is not about how many friends you have made, but what you have learned from these people. Everyone always says that university is a small society. Every day when you go to and from class, play clubs, and work part-time, everyone you meet must have characteristics that you can learn from or learn from. What I learn in Feng Chia is not only knowledge, but also how to behave. During the four years of college, I made a lot of major decisions. These decisions made my college life colorful. I am very grateful to the teachers and senior sisters who stood at the front line on the road of learning and overcame difficulties for us. They encouraged me to make brave decisions, the best choice.


Served as the graduate representative of the 111th Bachelor's Program of Precision System Design, and took a group photo with Director Tsai Yuding.

By|Bachelor's Program of Precision System Design FANG,ROU-YING


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