Cultivation of International Perspective

Family education will lay the foundation of a person, while the structure, vision and vision will change a person's character and behavior. Regardless of studying in Taiwan, overseas exchange, or travelling, exploring different cultures with locals during each trip will produce different views on the future and changes in outlook on life. What I can see with my own eyes during the trip is the impact of the economic level of various countries on people's basic necessities of life. When visiting various countries, I deeply understand that the world is full of many unknowns, waiting for us to explore.

Enlightenment Beyond The Comfort Zone

At the end of 2018, through the application of the International Affairs Office, I went to the Department of Finance of Beijing Normal University alone to start a half-year exchange life. During the six months in Beijing, I met many friends, and it was the first time in my life that I met extremely outstanding and active students from Tsinghua University, Peking University, and Beijing Normal University. This made me gradually realize that any one of good study habits, study methods, and life attitude is enough to change my life. Their concentration on academics and their execution ability to break through the casserole and ask questions to the end have deeply affected my learning concept, helped me grasp the direction of learning, and ignited my enthusiasm for learning.


Group photo of Taiwanese exchange students at Beijing Normal University.

After the exchange, I started a month-long Chinese city visit plan alone, and selected several cities I was most interested in traveling: Harbin, Shanghai, Hangzhou and Nanjing. When staying in a youth hostel, I met people from different regions of China and gained a deeper understanding of ethnic minorities other than the Han. One of the things that affected me the most was the trip to Harbin by Beijing Normal University. The students in the same company are all foreign exchange students, but they use Chinese instead of English to talk during the trip. In just a few days, I broke my established impression of many countries and learned about the real appearance of other countries.


Beijing Normal University - Harbin Tour for International Students.

Qunyi Futures for Summer Intern

In order to further improve his major, the third year went to "Qunyi Futures" as a summer intern under the recommendation of Mr. Jiang Gengnan from the Department of Finance. Qunyi Futures is the second largest futures merchant in Taiwan. It trades overseas futures and option commodities. Internship in a good company will inevitably lead to a fulfilling life. In the morning, there will be a market analysis meeting, and after the market opens, observe the fluctuation of financial commodity prices and market trends on the screen. My consulting department will share trading strategies and transaction execution conditions from time to time. I also worked very hard to grasp the hard-won internship opportunities, carefully recorded what I learned every day, reviewed the professional knowledge used in work, and actively reviewed market trends and performance after the market closed. This internship experience also allowed me to understand the difference between academic and industry perspectives on investment. Compared with academic theory, the industry pays more attention to obtaining short-term returns due to the pressure of annual and quarterly settlements.


Group photo of Qunyi Futures interns.

The Second Home for International Students in Taiwan

I have spent one-fifth of my life at Feng Chia University. I am very fortunate to have teachers and volunteers from the Feng Chia University International Student Association and the International Affairs Office by my side. I learned a lot in Fengjia, such as serving as the general caller of the International Student Fun Games, responsible for project application in the early stage, and coordinating the division of labor among the six departments one by one in the middle and late stages to ensure the smooth completion of the event. This experience has added to my experience in group cooperation and human management, through the help of teachers to integrate resources.


The general convening group of the International Student Fun Games.

I believe that everyone has infinite possibilities, as long as you are willing to step outside the box and leave your comfort zone, college is a golden time for you to explore. Compared with high school, there is more maturity and stability, and compared with future workplace life, there is more freedom. May the students of Feng Chia University feel proud to be Feng Chia people in the future.


Malaysian Study Abroad Student Association in Beijing.

By|Department of Finance LUO,JIAN-HAO


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