Some people said that daydreaming is a waste of time, but for me, the opportunity to turn dreams into reality comes from daring to dream.

University has always been a stage full of many possibilities. It is an age where you can try many things to your heart's content. Unlike high school and high school, when there is a lot of pressure to enter a higher school, this is a good time to break out your own sky, and it is a good time to dream boldly. Dare to live out your dreams.

Before denying yourself, try to take the first step!

I still remember when I first entered Feng Chia University, I was determined to play out my own world. I have always been eager to stand on the stage. I met the deputy director of the song and dance drama course in the activity of the freshman growth camp. I joined the dance drama independent course with the mood of trying it. Drama, fell in love with musicals.

Student independent courses are general education special courses that students actively apply for. Everything in the classroom needs to be completed by students independently. It takes a lot of time and effort, and relatively rewards a lot. Students form a team to complete a song and dance drama from scratch. When encountering differences, how to communicate and coordinate with others and reach consensus is a very important topic.


Drama activity photos

Last year, I participated in the 17th Host Talent Training Camp sponsored by the Office of Academic Affairs-Extracurricular Activities Group. Although I was hesitant before signing up, I told myself that if I don’t take the first step bravely, I will never know that I am suitable. What, so decided to sign up. The courses of the training camp are very substantial, with a wealth of teaching staff, coupled with the training and sharing of seed players, I have a basic understanding of the abilities that hosts need to have. The trainees are selected in the school, get tickets to visit the radio station, and then go to the recording studio to simulate the live broadcast. After the training, I found that I like hosting very much, and learned to use words to catch the attention of the audience, show my personal charm, and promote confidence on the stage.


The 17th Host Talent Training in campus

If you never try, you will never know how outstanding you are!

In addition to my studies, I have participated in many competitions in the school. I have never written a proposal or written a program, so I resolutely decided to participate in the innovation and application competition of Feng Chia University. , Tug-of-war with time - the 5th Fengjia Character Stories Essay Contest, won the Bronze Hand Award and the third prize respectively, showing the strength of drawing and writing. It is the personality of daring to try that allows me to gain a sense of accomplishment and self-confidence from every competition experience.


Bronze Hand Award in Taichung Historic Building Mapping Contest

Don't rush to harvest, calm down and work hard.

From an ignorant freshman who just entered the university, to the musical that he loves, it has become a good time. As a course teaching assistant for stage plays in community gatherings, as a director of the drama exhibition of the Chinese Department, as a rehearsal assistant for music stage life theater-Tianhe Shenshui, and as a course director for song and dance drama creation and stage practice, I always believe that opportunities are for those who are ready, and try my best With everything done, opportunities will always find their way. Don't give up when you don't see the results, because good opportunities often appear when you least expect them.

When there is light in your eyes, it is the most dazzling. As long as you have hope, have expectations for yourself, and keep going without giving up, you will always break out of your own sky.


The curtain call photo of the performance of "Love in Song and Dance"

By|Department of Chinese Literature LIN,YING-CI