You don't have to be brilliant to start, you should start to be brilliant


If I had told myself that filming might be my future job, I wouldn't believe it.

The fresh turning point is the first semester of my sophomore year, a project guided by several professors in the Department of Marketing. The challenge is to come up with a product marketing plan and film an advertisement for the product. I could never forget the first time I was in touch with filming. The excited and nervous emotion was still in my memory.

During the preparation, I went through several advertisements and countless times of remakes, make sure the image of this product looked good. Through the process of filming, I found my passion for filmmaking. 

On the day of our presentation, I won the Award for Best Directing, I will never forget that day sense of accomplishment came when getting the teacher's approval.



Step out of my comfort zone, look inside my insufficient, the progress goes faster

The film festival had inspired my passion for filming. I started to take filming courses at Feng Chia University. Luckily I met the teacher who also is a director, Chine-Cheng Lee. 2019, professor Lee took a group of students who were in love with photographing to an exchange camp held by the Communication University of China. The trip had insured my whole heart in filming.

Back in Taiwan, I join lots of microfilms and short film competitions. When I saw other students' work, I felt that my base of knowledge was not enough. I tried a lot of effort to learn by myself but did not know how to start. After six months, not getting improved, giving up had initiated in my mind.



Don’t feel that you have paid a lot, it’s because you don’t see the efforts behind others

The summer of my junior year, I met a senior at my intern company. I was surprised that neither of us had the experience to learn filming at school. How could he have the skill to film as a professional photographer. I learned playwork division, filming technic, the use of photographic equipment, etc. I realized that an experimental photographer needs the spirit to train shooting skills and the attitude to be humble.


Be more hard-working to be better than others

I put lots of effort into action photography so the cases amount I took increased.
Recently, I found a video studio.
The Future will be full of frustration, look forward to the way you wanted, although the path won't be plain sailing, one day it would come to the destination.


Find your way, shine out with great brilliancy

Four years of University says long is not long, short is not short. Make good use of time, you will find your ou don't have to be brilliant to start, you should start to be brilliant.

By|Department of Marketing YE,LI-YANG


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