A class full of vitality and enthusiasm_Chunyu Lecture Hall

The school offers a unique course called "Chunyu Lecture Hall". Feng Chia University Chairman Gao and five professors from different fields of National Taiwan University jointly set up a general education course full of vitality and passion.

The six professors each explored the value and meaning of life with us through two-week course guidance and one-week class discussion, so that we can be more motivated and thoughtful in pursuing our dreams or achieving our goals. In times of difficulties and setbacks, you can stand up and move forward.

Find your own stage in clubs and volunteer teams

There are nearly 200 clubs and volunteer teams in Feng Chia University. They want to maintain their English skills and learn how to use their abilities to help others. They participate in the "Foreign Language Teaching Center Volunteer Team", from a small member to a deputy captain and The role of the captain has taken on more and more responsibilities, but it has also grown a lot to cultivate a stable typhoon, so that I am no longer afraid to come on stage to make suggestions or ideas, have more confidence in myself, and believe in every decision I make.

In the club, in addition to learning to allocate schoolwork and club time, it is more important to learn "how to be a leader" and "how to communicate and solve problems", which also challenged many for the first time.


Find your own stage among many clubs and volunteer teams


Lead the team members to start the English guided tour service of Fengjia Night Market

IRS Internship Experience the corporate culture in advance

In the 2018 winter vacation, I went to Fengyuan IRS for a one-month internship, learning how to communicate with people applying for income deduction and assisting people with online declarations; in addition, they will also use the fiscal and tax intranet system to help with the registration of official documents and preliminary identification and assignment to each section Therefore, I can see various official documents of general tax, business and inheritance tax, and sales tax. In the internship in class, we only saw the theoretical narratives, but there were few examples to refer to; although I came to the IRS for internship They are doing some relatively tedious and simple things, but they can learn a lot from them. It is really a great opportunity and experience.

大學生愛分享_逢甲大學財稅學系陳昱如_豐原國稅局實習 提前體驗企業文化

Fengyuan IRS Internship   Experience the corporate culture in advance

Participate in the [Various Words] Contest to clarify ideas and make friends

I don’t know anything about questioning, defense and answering. I have never participated in a debate competition, but I won the first place. The teamwork in the process, the cut-off of the team members, mutual learning and support, are the "strong defense team". , An important reason to defeat many respectable opponents.

Thank you for all your words, let me meet a group of "strong debate teams" with ideas and goals.


Each word has made me meet a group of "strong debate teams" with ideas and goals.

Step out of the comfort zone, step out of the campus and face the world

In the summer of 2018, I went abroad alone, participated in the top university exchange program (My Global Friends, Mygf) organized by the AEBS Association, communicated with the students of the National University of Singapore, and learned about the campus environment of the National University under the leadership of the students; the interactive process In the process, I found my own shortcomings and hoped that I would seize my university time, continue to work hard, and cheer for the future!


By|Department of Public Finance - Chen,Yu-Ru