Meeting the doggies

In my freshman year, I worked part-time in the restaurant. Like most people, I was responsible for serving dishes, washing dishes and cleaning. There are very special employees in the restaurant "dogs who help deliver menus". They are stray dogs selected by the owner at the shelter. Some of these stray dogs will bite people, and some will be very scared when they see people. The owner of the restaurant used to be a trainer. He hopes to make these dogs get along with people through his expertise, so he brings these dogs back to the restaurant for training, and at the same time assists in matching new families.

During the summer vacation of my freshman year, I applied for an internship, so I temporarily left the restaurant. The internship allowed me to understand the profession of the industry, and I liked the joy of teamwork even more. After school started, I did not stop and continued to help stray dogs with actions. The problem of stray dogs in Taiwan has always been serious, and many dog parks need manpower to clean and promote the adoption of dogs. Although I don't have the professional knowledge like the boss, I also called on many students to help out at the kennel that adopts stray dogs.


When I met stray dogs, I did something that made me very proud

Not being crazy, how can we do things?

In the last semester of my sophomore year, I opened a self-directed course - "Voice Reporter-Education Never Abandoning Education". I hope I can do something I have never done in college; It's something that takes the courage to take risks.The "Voice Reporter - No Abandonment in Education" self-directed course takes students to get to know this group of people who silently contribute in the corner of society, and sets up a stall at the end of the semester to promote the adoption of stray animals. The course is a great challenge for me. It is the first time to plan activities, the first time to take students out to teach outdoors, and the first time to deal with course funding issues.

And there is one person who influenced my love for dogs, "Ai Ma"; others say that only crazy people like her love to take care of stray dogs, but she will always say flatly: "If you are not crazy, how can you do it?" Woolen cloth?". Knowing Ai Ma is a very precious fate. Because of her words, I go to Dog Mountain to accompany these stray dogs almost every week.

Self-directed courses have laughter and of course tears. Through the hard work of the students, Gougoushan stalls are different from the past. Several furry children have successfully found new owners, and the number of volunteers has also continued to grow! Regrettably, the original plan to promote it through podcasts failed due to various reasons. I hope that in the future, more people will respond to the stray dog adoption activities.


Gougoushan set up a stall to help stray dogs adopting




Students interacting with Teacher Zhang

Author Oscar Wilde said: "Realize your youth while you have it. Don't squander the gold of your days, listening to the tedious, trying to improve the hopeless failure."

Although it will not be smooth sailing every time, the process will be so tiring that you just want to be a dog; the feeling of being serious about doing something is irreplaceable.

I wish everyone can find the thing that allows them to do their best and devote themselves wholeheartedly!


By|Department of Environmental Engineering and Science LIN,JIA-YOU


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