「I didn't set an ultimate goal, it was every seemingly insignificant decision in the past, and working hard to do everything seriously, put me where I am now.」

The reason for becoming a petty bourgeoisie girl

Not many of my classmates who were in the same class as me for four years at the university knew that I was actually a year or two older than them. After graduating from middle school, my mother would not let me study abroad, and I didn't know which department to choose, so I had a gap year that lasted for more than a year. During this period, I worked in an accounting software company by chance, and decided my next direction - Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science.

When you are confused, you don’t need to rush to make a decision, give yourself some time to think, and make a more appropriate decision for your future. During this period of stay, the people, things and things you meet will become the nourishment of your life and lay the foundation stone for you to move on.

Growing up, it seems that you have to get used to some people leaving your life quietly, without saying goodbye.

The Magic Power of Scholarship

I originally planned to study happily for four years, but because of the entrance scholarship, I changed my attitude towards learning. For me, there are good and bad. The good thing is to reduce the financial burden of the family, and I always urge myself to maintain the study of each course. The bad thing is that I can't spend a lot of time studying in the field of interest.

Quickly develop self-care ability

For the first time in my life, I have been on a plane for so long, and in the next few years, I will get used to it. Going abroad to study alone, besides studying, you have to take care of all the chores in life by yourself. In Malaysia, my family will take care of everything for me, such as cleaning the house, washing clothes, eating three meals a day, and seeing a doctor when I get sick. When I came here, I had to take care of all these things by myself. I will never forget the anxiety I felt when I flew back to China alone during the winter vacation of my freshman year.

Making a Soulmate: Yoga

Negative emotions caused by improper handling of interpersonal relationships or academic bottlenecks need to find a suitable way to digest and express. I am very happy to come to Taiwan to go to university. You can choose from a wide variety of physical education classes, and my favorite is yoga. After studying hard at the desk for a long time, the weekly yoga class has become a good time for me to exercise my muscles and purify my soul.

Thanksgiving heart, thank you

Joined the volunteer team of the accommodation service center and met a group of like-minded friends. When I was weak, I took out food for me; when I was moving, I was my driver and porter; when I was depressed, I chatted with me; Several friends from Hong Kong and Macao in the same department also became an important help when I needed foreign assistance in dormitory or class affairs. I have spent one-sixth of my current life in Fengjia, met you, and am very happy to meet you.


Photo of the volunteer team at the accommodation service center


"There are too many people to thank for the four years of university. I can't repay you. I just hope that I will treat the time with you sincerely and keep the precious memories in my mind."


Group photo with friends from the Engineering Department

University professors are not like primary and secondary school teachers who will stay in the office all day waiting for you to ask questions, but most of the emails will be answered. Teachers, so they preach, teach, and solve doubts. Whether you encounter difficulties in schoolwork or life, don't be afraid to ask your tutors and professors. I don’t think it’s incompetent for professors to chat in class. They are willing to share their life experiences and tell us that life is not only about learning, but also about other things we should experience and enjoy at our age.



Graduation photo

The next step that didn't go as parents expected: Graduate school

Going to graduate school was not in my life plan, it was only in my junior year that I had the idea. This time, I am no longer as timid as when I applied for college after graduating from middle school, because my parents did not agree. I communicated with them at home during the winter and summer vacations, expressing that it is a small goal of my life to go to graduate school, and I cannot enter the stage of work, marriage, and having children as quickly as they think. I hope they will support me. Only by daring to dream can it be realized. And my next step is to enter the ideal university to continue my postgraduate study.


Being mediocre is also a kind of happiness

I have an ordinary appearance, an ordinary family, and ordinary luck. Only my past efforts have lived up to me and added some color to my ordinary life. While envious of others being born with a golden spoon, why not think about the reason why disasters do not befall us. We are all the "talkers (masters)" of our own lives. Ordinary life can also be very happy. Everyone's story is different and has its own charm.

"I didn't set an ultimate goal. It was every seemingly insignificant decision in the past, and working hard to do everything seriously, put me where I am now."

By|Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science CHEN,XIN-HUI

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