Starting a business with 0 dollar is really feasible.

Wanting to leave a different experience for the university, I participated in the 0 dollar entrepreneurship plan of the Dream Seed e-HUB Venture Port with my classmates from the Department of Finance, Department of Aeronautics, and Department of Business Administration. With "blue dye" as the product theme, I created my own brand "Lanjue" to experience the most authentic entrepreneurial process.The core concept of "Lanjue" is to carry forward Hakka traditional culture, combine traditional art with cultural and creative industries, and continue the skills of the older generation. From the establishment and promotion of the company to the production of blue plate cards, blue dyed earrings and other products, we have experienced ups and downs; we also went out of the campus and set up a stall in Qinmei to participate in Young! However, in order to make the company operate more smoothly, it is necessary to have good planning and the flexibility of adjustment after actual operation.

Entrepreneurship is not easy. Only by persisting, taking action, and constantly adjusting from mistakes can we become the shining star in the sky.


Haoyang market stalls


After setting up a stall in the market, in order to firmly grasp the consumers who love indigo dyeing, we borrowed the venue of Yingnuo maker community to hold indigo dyeing hand-made courses, and every student gained a lot.

Different Ideas Collide with Sparks at AIESEC

Freshmen who have just stepped into university life look forward to joining clubs and meeting like-minded friends, and I am no exception. I joined the "Association Internationale des Étudiants en Sciences Économiques et Commerciales(AIESEC)" in the club, and met students from different departments and other schools in the club . After becoming a cadre, I felt the sparks of different ideas colliding, which made me understand that the answers to the same incident may be different in different positions, but there is no right or wrong, but to converge among several answers to find the most suitable solution method.

Don't be defeated by the setbacks of cross-domain learning, some achievements need time and waiting

Feng Chia University encourages students to study across fields. In the junior year, they took a one-year cross-field special course "Geographic Information System and Social Economic Activities". Learn to use mathematical software for regression analysis. During the process, I also suffered setbacks because of learning different fields, and I also doubted my choice.

But after hard work, the project was completed and represented Feng Chia University in the competition, and I felt a sense of accomplishment when I won the 4th National Land Surveying and Mapping Data GIS Thematic Application Competition, and I realized that all the hard work will pay off! It's just that sometimes you have to wait, waiting for the moment when the time comes.

If you can't go abroad, go for an internship! Climb to a higher floor, the world is bigger.

In the senior year, every graduate will make plans for their future, and I am no exception!

If it wasn't for the impact of the epidemic, I should have gone to Tongji University for exchange; however, the plan couldn't keep up with the changes, and I finally gave up the exchange and entered the workplace early to become an intern of "Dingyu Food Co., Ltd." to assist in the implementation of the business planned by the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

During the internship, I deeply realized the feeling of going from books to the world and connecting with the world. Rather than applying the knowledge in the book to work, it is more appropriate to verify the knowledge learned in the past from actual work. The comfort zone is the safe zone we recognize. The first step out of the safe zone may be difficult, but "leaving" is the only way to grow. When you look up, you will see a different face of the world!

By|Department of Economics CHEN,QIAO-YUN


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