When international trade meets drama

I love hosting and acting. When I came to Feng Chia with a dream of drama after contacting the theater in junior high school, I thought I would never be able to regain my interest in the past, but I found many treasures in this treasure house, which not only reignited the past The dream of eager to perform on stage, but also under the Department of International Business, understand the importance of international outlook and language, and strive for the opportunity to travel abroad.


Invited to host events and share experiences


Love hosting and stage performances

Field trips can realize that Wikipedia is not the world

The world is a book, and we only live on one page.

Successfully applied for the International Experience Program to the Philippines for the first time, hoping to use my own program to bring changes to the local area. In the Philippines, I saw local security issues and differences in children's independent thinking.

I went to India for the second time to conduct research on youth entrepreneurship. In the process, I found resources and got in touch with Indian family support through Taiwanese family support. Also in the local co-working space, I learned a lot of courage and originality when I was only 18 or 19 years old. The entrepreneurs made me overturn my impressions of India; Taiwan news always used sensational headlines to describe the poor local security in India, but never portrayed that Indians are actually very hospitable and there are many young people with ideas.


Go to India to conduct research on youth entrepreneurship

What do I learn in the Department of International Business?

" have good English? Will I only be able to do trade in the future?"

The courses in the Department of International Business must start with the basics.

  • The freshman year includes basic courses such as accounting, economics, statistics, and Chinese. "Economics" is the deepening and broadening of the concepts of currency and exchange rate that have been learned in high school. It is the second and third year of international marketing management, financial and financial courses. Extremely basic, "accounting" is related to the subsequent international financial management and international finance.
  • The major courses in the second year of the department include international trade theory and practice, international finance, marketing and financial management. Among them, "International Trade Theory and Practice" is the core course of Fengjia International Trade Department. The course emphasizes the overall import and export process and Online trade.
  • There are graduation topics and professional internships in the senior year. The "Graduation Topics" allow students to integrate the basic abilities learned in previous years and choose the teachers and topics they want to do!

The class of "International Business Case Analysis" will be divided into groups to discuss Harvard professional cases in a master class teaching method.The teacher of the course "Corporate Social Responsibility" will lead the students to discuss cases of corporate ethics. Since ethics cannot be distinguished by the dichotomy of right and wrong, I realized in this course that not everything can be selected. You may find more possibilities if you break this narrow thinking.

In addition, Feng Chia provides a wealth of overseas exchange channels for students. Students who think of foreign countries do not need to worry too much about their language skills, as long as they apply, they will have the opportunity.

There are two types of internship channels, namely, winter and summer vacation internships abroad and "7+1 semester" internships, that is, students can choose to intern in the next semester of their senior year and transfer to full-time jobs directly after the internship.


The Fengchia International Trade Department mainly cultivates international sensitivity. In fact, English is one of them and not the only one. Trade is far-reaching and not only limited to English.

Internship experience in Xinyi Housing - "Pressure can force progress."

In order to hone myself and increase experience, I applied for an internship at Xinyi Housing in the next semester of my senior year.In the process of internship, I even suffered from losing business cards from clients. Facing the daily high pressure and high working hours, I learned the ability of crisis management and the calmness to face rejection, and used the technique of "visualization of goals" to set my goals. Post it in an obvious place to remind yourself of your original intention.In the process, learn about the changes in the international market, the implementation of domestic and foreign policies, and the industrial connection of real estate, and you should prove what you have learned.


Xinyi Housing Internship Experience

Lost and Found Drama Dream

"If you don't have talent, just use your efforts to offset it; if you think you can't, it's just that you haven't worked hard enough."

When I was in middle school, I had a brief contact with a theater company and planted the seeds of drama in my heart. I once dreamed of studying in the drama department in college, but finally decided to study in ordinary high school and university.I thought it would ruin my dream, but after I came to Fengjia, I participated in the host training camp to learn the skills of interacting with the audience. In my junior year, I participated in the student's independent special course "Musical Practice: High School Musical and Dance" and regained performance. Opportunity and become the person in charge of the course.


I thought it would ruin my dream, but after I came to Fengjia, I participated in the host training camp to learn the skills of interacting with the audience. In my junior year, I participated in the student's independent special course "Musical Practice: High School Musical and Dance" to regain it. The opportunity to perform and become the person in charge of the course.

Young wandering is a lifelong nutrient.

Be brave to break through! Don't try to find opportunities in your wardrobe.

I believe in the law of attraction. If you have a dream, you have to be brave to try, instead of staying in the comfort zone day after day, making a little change every day, long-term You can see amazing growth and changes afterwards.

By|Department of International Business Jiang, Bo-Sheng


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The first half of the year as a rookie intern


I experienced the last semester of the academic club in college, and decided to give myself an experience different from school life, so I chose the industrial internship in the department and entered the "Taichung System Development Department, Marketing Information Department, Cathay Life Insurance". Perhaps because of a bit of luck, I happened to meet Cathay Pacific who was updating the old system, so I directly joined the company's project development to create a greenhouse gas inventory information disclosure platform, log in and audit the greenhouse gas emissions of the entire company and make reports. Thinking that other Cathay Pacific people will use the system I made, every time I make a part, I will feel more fulfilled, and I will fully experience the feeling of a rookie working, not just an intern who goes to help. Cathay Pacific’s training plan for new recruits is really perfect. In addition to a set of teaching gitbooks for self-learning, there is also a step-by-step basic teaching by mentors, and then independent implementation of simple projects. Finally, the mentor’s code review makes us more clear when writing programs. How to improve its performance and legibility. Although there are many interns, there will be some people who are quick learners waiting for those who are a little slower, but this part will happen more or less, so I used this time to study the bottom part of their project structure and understand the whole The architecture of the system will also be of great help to me in making projects later on. For me, the report is probably what I learned the most here! After the project started, every two weeks, I had to report what I had completed, what functions I had done, why I did it, and how I could optimize it. In addition to training me to be able to present my results without nervousness to a group of unfamiliar people on stage, it also increased my ability to fully describe my ideas for the projects I produced. This part is a very important ability whether you will continue to study in graduate school or enter the workplace in the future.