Don't give up the challenge of any internship.

Feng Chia University has many international exchanges and internship opportunities. At first, I applied for an internship in Los Angeles had been canceled due to the epidemic. After the epidemic subsided, I tried again and successfully got a position as a laboratory researcher at the University of Strathclyde in Scotland, UK.
On the eve of my departure, the epidemic became more serious, many friends canceled their trips. However, I thought: the epidemic did not stop the world, but I won't let myself standstill.

I bravely took off.

Due to the epidemic, The University closed the lab to interns, and research had conducted online.


Group photo with professors and graduate students from different countries (first from the right).

The research was mainly about using the machine I learned in the Department of Automation. Combine spectroscopic techniques with the equipment, and analyze the recycling data. I was highly appreciated by the professor while completing it.


Completed my internship and received high praise from my professor.

I traveled from north to south. Loch Ness, the legendary site of the water monster.Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland. The Titanic Museum in Belfast, Northern Ireland; Windermere, the birthplace of the English novel Peter Rabbit; Yorkshire, where Jay got married; London, the capital of England; and Cardiff, the largest city in the Welsh Executive. After the internship, I even had a round of Iceland during my vacation.

疫情沒有讓世界停下腳步, 我也不能讓自己原地踏步

Travel while doing my internship.

In addition to the research work, the culture shock was also a new experience. Many people on the streets of uncensored British towns were still not wearing masks; I had to protect myself in a foreign country, so I received my second dose of AstraZeneca vaccine in the UK. During an epidemic, every step you take is more challenging than usual, and learning to protect yourself is the only way to live safely with the virus.


Get the second dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine in the UK.

Ten minutes on the stage needs ten years of practice off stage.

Senior year, three of my classmates and I participated in the 25th National University Information Application Service Innovation Competition and won first place in the Asia-Pacific Communication Chinese Division, developing a great team bond.

Then, we participated in the Macronix Metals Award - Semiconductor Design and Application Competition, a well-known competition in the industry, and formed a team with students from the Department of Automation and Electronics to represent Feng Chia.

What's more, the work had successfully patented in the U.S., Germany, China, and Taiwan. It had chosen as one of the Taiwan delegations to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2021).


Participated in the 25th National College Information Application Service Innovation Competition and won first place in the Chinese category of the Asia Pacific Exchange (second from the left).


The "Personal Handheld Automatic Acupoint Stimulation System" won the Bronze Award and the Novice Award.Mr. Yucheng Lin (from left) from the Department of Automation supervised senior students, Xuan-You Lin and Rui-Yu Chen.


The 21st Macronix Golden Silicon Award won the Novice Award and Bronze Award in the Application Category using the official live screenshot (first from right).

Always be ready for the next challenge

Feng Chia University is a school that is very willing to spend resources on its students, and its teaching system has kept pace with the times to cultivate talents in various fields.

Life is not just about dead-end reading. The couplet outside the Xueshiyuan gate says, "To learn without thinking is reckless; to think without learning is dangerous.

Don't complain and think about your changes, develop the ability to solve problems, and always be prepared for tomorrow!


By|Department of Automatic Control Engineering LIN,XUAN-YOU