When I go, it is more beautiful than when I come.

The Department of Cooperative Economics and Social Business Management of Feng Chia University mainly cultivates business management talents with corporate ethics and social responsibility. Simply put, even when you improve yourself, you can also give back to the society.

Here not only learn business management knowledge, but also combine social science knowledge, plus project management skills and obtain professional licenses; project management courses will help you to obtain relevant licenses, such as SPPA, PMA and PMA+, and even rely on yourself To obtain a higher-level license.

The Department of Economic Development is more concerned about social issues. Whether in class, field visits, report sharing, I know more non-profit organizations and social enterprises, and understand how they operate and make profits, in order to achieve the purpose of serving society.


Visit to Maria Kaizhi Academy

I have experienced the most precious

In my junior year, I served as the general affairs of the department's student organization and assisted in activities.

A university is like a small society from which you can learn a lot of knowledge and abilities. As long as you take the first step bravely, you can expand your habitual field. I don't know how to play basketball, but I like watching basketball activities, so I took the initiative to be the manager of the boys' basketball team. The team is like a big warm family, everyone will help each other! !


Take the initiative to act as the manager of the boys' basketball team

One person can be good, but everyone can work together to be better

Because of the curriculum, I shoot micro-films related to agricultural cooperatives and learn about teamwork and cooperatives. Therefore, I have achieved excellent results in the "International Cooperative Festival Cooperative Business Micro-film Competition" and the senior graduation topic.


Participated in the "International Cooperative Festival Cooperative Business Microfilm Competition"


By|Department of Cooperative Economics and Social Entrepreneurship -Peng, Shu-Wei


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