New arrival, hello Feng Chia University, I am Cai Peiyun, a student of Department of Environmental Engineering and Science.

#Who doesn't have a university that studies hard?

As a freshman, I faced the professional study plan of the Ministry of Environment and determined to become a master of environmental engineering. I carefully studied the four-year curriculum and what kind of professional knowledge should be used to improve the environment. But my enthusiasm does not match the performance. I take classes seriously, but my mid-term exam results are average. At first I thought it was bad luck, but I officially gave up until the final exam results were announced.

But I don't want to accept failure, so I decided to open up a different university path.

#Since you are not reconciled to the current situation, let's change to a different path!

In my sophomore year, I was determined to step out of my comfort zone and participate in different new things, not limited to grades, so I started to search through the major websites of Feng Chia University and fan professional information, and found "d.School" course information, including After reading the introduction, I found out that environmental engineering can also be combined with programming to develop into a new industry.

The students participating in the course are from different departments and grades. Each group uses what they have learned to design their own vegetable incubators. This challenge opened up my curiosity for unknown fields, so I took a lot of foreign courses, such as marketing psychology, legal micro-knowledge, project management, makeup courses, etc. It turns out that I can, and I have more potential than I thought!

Participate in the d.School course of Interdisciplinary Design School

Design your own vegetable incubator to cultivate economic crops

#Association brings you a different college career-Department of Student Organization

Who said that kids who play clubs will go bad? I love to participate in activities. I joined the student organization in my junior year and met a group of friends who like to organize activities and enjoy the stage like me. I also learned from the writing of the plan book, and experienced the brilliant stories of collisions among people in the preparation of various activities. Who said that kids who play clubs will go bad? I don't think so.

Joined the Department of Association and made friends with a group of friends who love to organize activities and enjoy the stage like me

#Connect to the workplace and become a member of society as soon as possible

Are you confused about my career after graduation? do not worry!

The school provides abundant internship resources and opportunities every year to enable students to get to know the workplace or establish contact with the workplace early.In the summer of my junior year, I went to "Taiwan Manning Consulting Co., Ltd.". I am mainly responsible for the verification of engineering practice. The internship business is completely different from what the school teaches. It requires the application of many different professional background knowledge to understand and solve. However, under the leadership of industry seniors and accumulated work experience, I have learned a lot of new knowledge.During the internship, I realized my shortcomings in the professional field. When I returned to campus, I also had more directions to make up for this shortcoming. In addition, during the internship process, I also began to explore the industry direction that I can pursue after graduation, find my goal, and the future will be even better!

Internship at "Taiwan Manning Consulting Co., Ltd." in summer vacation, mainly responsible for the verification of engineering practice

#Just thinking about it! Give yourself more courage

Feng Chia University actually has a lot of resources. Don't stay at home in the university. You cannot find opportunities and resources. During the university, I made many different attempts, participating in cross-field learning courses, internships, writing papers, participating in stage performances, and club experiences. Every activity fills me and me with courage.

Youth, don't think too much, just do it! You will find that you are different from what you imagined, and much stronger!


By|Department of Environmental Engineering and Science - Tsai, Pei-Yun


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