The mindedness determines your ending.

When we first entered university, everyone stood at the same starting point, but why did they end up with different endings?

Opportunities are right in front of you, some people seize them, but others let them slip away. Everything depends on whether you have grasped the resources well, and jumped out of your comfort zone to strive for more opportunities.

Do what you love to the extreme is to be professional.

I studied in the Department of Transportation and Logistics at Feng Chia University, and I started to invest in related industries because of my passion for communication media. In my sophomore year, I had an opportunity to work for "HitFM Central Taiwan Broadcasting Station". During this period of tenure, in addition to learning the important role of broadcasting media in society, I also received training in producing unit programs and dubbing, and the skills of writing oral scripts. Although I did not continue to go to the road of broadcasting media in the end, everything I learned in the workplace also indirectly affected the road to entrepreneurship in my future.

When I was in my junior year, I watched my friends of the same age start taking cases independently after entering university, gradually improving their shooting skills and experience in commercial cases, so I asked myself, since he, who also loves media, can step out of his comfort zone, why can’t I? After making up his mind, he established "sky video studio" to manage his favorite video design as a brand. From video editing at the beginning, gradually expanding to wedding shooting, portrait shooting, and more challenging commercial live broadcasting, try to find any media-related resources and learn from them.


Worked for HitFM Central Taiwan Broadcasting Station (upper left), shooting records and works.

Don't miss any chance for trying.

Using my own skills to contribute to the team is my biggest motivation to join TEDxFCU. After joining the TEDxFCU curatorial team for two years, I deeply realized that it is very rare for a group of people with a common goal to come together. TEDxFCU is an independent course taught by students themselves. In addition to holding exchange and sharing activities and discussing current affairs issues, the biggest feature is that the annual meeting invites outstanding people from various fields in Taiwan to give speeches of about 18 minutes. For example, Fengjia was invited this year. Professor Wei Guoyan from the School of Entrepreneurship, Soochow University, Professor Liu Birong from the Political Science Department of Soochow University, director Xu Jiakai from the Saint Thief, and interior designer Chen Wanting provided new inspiration to the participants with their respective majors.

TEDxFCU is not only a team for organizing events, but also hopes to lead everyone to shape their own values and train their critical thinking ability through influential figures, and to attract more people to participate in this knowledge exchange. Pass the best side to audiences all over the world. Selfless dedication is the spirit we strive to pass on. I have served as the head of the video production team for two terms. I have produced large and small image advertisements and the most important annual meeting speech videos for the team. In addition to conveying the spirit of TED to every audience through the film, it has also accomplished the achievement of making the work appear on the world stage.

TEDxFCU tattoos give people the courage to define themselves Video.


Group photo of the first and second sessions of TEDxFCU, an independent course.

Learn while doing, do while learning.

When I was a junior, I met with the live broadcast team in Taipei and became a regular live broadcast staff in the central part of the company. I usually need to contact the live broadcast work of large and small public agencies. The company gives priority to cooperating with personnel to improve its strength through "learning by doing, learning by doing". Due to the disruption of the epidemic this year, the TEDxFCU annual meeting must be held online and in person at the same time. I have experience in live broadcast operations, of course, I will not miss this opportunity, from equipment rental, network setup, live broadcast presentation methods, and responsible for delivering live events to the audience. As the director of online participants, I seize every opportunity to learn.


The TEDxFCU annual meeting operates the live broadcasting station.

Four years in college, don't limit yourself to the circle you are familiar with.

The "Sun Moon Industry-Education Project Course" offered by the School of Social Innovation is an important part of my junior year's coursework. The company hopes to understand the tourism quality valued by different age groups and consumer groups through industry-university cooperation, so this special course is offered. In the project course, my main task is to analyze the customer image (persona), analyze the needs and services of the group for different consumer types, and plan a complete customer journey map. During the one-and-a-half-year course, I communicated with the owners and learned various skills required for large-scale commercial development projects. These are fields that I never thought I would be able to touch as a transportation management department.


The opening ceremony of the cross-strait summer joint university (left) and the Sun Moon Pearl Industry-University Program (right).

The world is huge, we are still young, jump out of the comfort zone and let go to try every possibility and opportunity.

I hope that at the end of the article, you can escape the comfort zone of college life, dare to challenge every opportunity, and find your own value. So what if you fail, the most regrettable thing in life is not failure, is what you can do, but you don’t take actions, go bravely!

By|Department of Transportation and Logistics LI,JUN-YAN