We must treat everything with our heart, and do our best in everything.

As a sophomore, there are more professional subjects. When there is no class, I will go to the department to study. There are many senior sisters in the school as teaching assistants, so as long as you have questions that you don’t know, you can ask them at the benefit time; the pressure on the sophomore schoolwork has become heavier and the difficulty has become more difficult, so I can rely more on the help of my senior sister and make more use of resources so that I can improve my ability and efficiency the fastest.

For me, the biggest change in my sophomore year is my "attitude." In terms of schoolwork, self-discipline and persistence are required. Self-discipline is something that requires willpower. University time is very free. How to control time, be a master of time management, plan your time well, and then set a goal and stick to what you want to do.

With the increase in professional subjects, you should look at your ideas for the future and the things you want to achieve more carefully. As long as you are willing to do many things, it is not too late. I want to be decadent in my freshman year and now in my sophomore year. Positive attitude changes, just because you know what you want to achieve in the future or achieve your dreams, do things actively and persevere, don't forget your original intentions, and enrich your university life!

Attitudes and methods of reading and future planning

At present, many subjects studied in the sophomore year are not just about listening carefully but also looking for supplementary materials by yourself. Self-study ability is very important. You must check the resources you need on the Internet to make effective use of them.

In addition to review, preview can better understand the content of the course quickly, but remember that review is more important than preview, and you should do preview after review. Reading methods vary from person to person. Find the best reading efficiency, try multiple ways to find the most comfortable way to read.

When I was in school, I also participated in many related competitions and activities. This semester I participated in the "Wealth Management Competition", "Campus Securities Investment Wisdom King" and "Yunke University Virtual Investment Competition". Among them, the wealth management competition won the Central Region Excellence and the other two Although not named, it was a great experience for me.

From the competition, I found that there are still many areas for improvement in my work. Participating in the competition is not for a certificate. I always keep in mind the advice given by the judges. In the future, I will give priority to professional certification, and then I will participate in some off-campus internship experience activities to learn more about the abilities that the workplace should have, and I can also expand my network, break out of my comfort zone, and challenge some new things I haven’t tried before. Go ahead with the great goal!


Participate in the competition

By|Bachelor's Program of Financial Engineering and Actuarial Science LU,DONG-XIAN


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