The freshman year is the year in which you can concentrate on your studies and lay a stable foundation. Curiosity about what I can learn and what I can do in college drives me to keep moving forward. I use my tutor's time to discuss the study plan for the next four years with Mr. Shen Zuwang from the Department of Automatic Control Engineering. With the help of the teacher, I have a clearer direction.


The interior space of the AI Foundry artificial intelligence foundry.

Supporting war with war is the quickest solution to hone yourself.

When I saw the registration information for the "Taiwan Bionic Design Competition", I was very interested in the species behaviors discussed in the competition, and then started to study how biological behaviors are applied to human life. A new design of an existing product on the market. Using the knowledge learned in the Department of Automatic Control Engineering, organize a cross-school team to design a safety protection device that improves the traffic safety of motorcycles and reduces accident costs, and analyzes the business model to strive for market value.The bionic design competition not only needs to study the ecology, survival and behavioral abilities of living things, but also studies the motives of Taiwanese people to use motorcycles, the structure of motorcycles, the economic model, the future net zero carbon emissions, and the social environment in the era of digital transformation, using 5G Internet of Vehicles , Biology, business analysis, field research, sound and sensing technology, programming and many other professional knowledge.As the team leader, I can't ignore every detail, exert the synergistic ability to integrate the team and the operation of the organization, and finally won the Ministry of Science and Technology's Social Needs Project Excellence Award.


Participated in the "2022 Taiwan Bionic Design Competition" and won the Ministry of Science and Technology's Social Needs Project Excellence Award. Group photo with team members (left), product design drawing (upper right), contestants and judges (lower right).

If humans want to immigrate to Mars in the future, how do you want to land?

I have loved Mars since I was a child, and I have been following the latest information from NASA for a long time. When I learned that NASA held the "Waste to Basic Materials Challenge: Sustainable Reprocessing in Space" competition on the HeroX platform, I cooperated with many This time, Yang Yanshi challenged the world stage together.

HeroX is an online platform that gathers various innovation competitions in the world. It uses crowdsourcing to allow organizations or individuals to openly solicit challenges in any field, and finally the organizer will select outstanding works and award them. This competition does not limit any identity, so among the challengers are international thesis gold medalists, professors from domestic and foreign universities, and experts with several years of experience.In the category of fecal waste, my classmate Yang and I used the first principle of "dry distillation" to put human waste in the dynamic system device we designed, and leave carbon elements after pyrolysis to make carbon fibers, which are used as space 3D printing materials The spare wires made of graphene materials greatly reduce the weight of the launch cabin and were successfully adopted by NASA.

熱愛火星計畫 自控系同學妙點子幫助NASA解決太空廢棄物回收

NASA's "Waste-to-Basic Materials Challenge: Sustainable Reprocessing in Space" competition has been selected as an award winner.

University is a process of continuous pursuit and self-exploration. Every study is like finding an anchor point on a map. Don't be afraid of failure, bravely try any opportunity, draw your own learning map, and then position yourself for the future.


Award news:

The work of the cross-school team of the Department of Automatic Control Engineering the Excellence Award of the Ministry of Science and Technology's Social Needs Project

Love the Mars project, the students from the Department of Automatic Control have a wonderful idea to help NASA solve the problem of space waste recycling

By|Department of Automatic Control Engineering CHEN,GENG-FU


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