I participated in the volunteer team of Feng Chia TV Station, supported school shooting activities, worked with companies to shoot commercials, learned editing skills from industry teachers, and also assisted in the production of MOOCS online course materials; participated in the Robot National Intelligent Innovation Application Competition.

In my spare time, I learn programming language by myself to improve my strength, and take advantage of the summer vacation to do internships in domestic companies and processing plants in Malaysia. I see the gap between practice and theory, which stimulates my motivation to learn.


Serve as a TV station volunteer to support school shooting tug-of-war activities


Feng Chia University TV Station Volunteer Team

If you dare to ask, the school dares to give it!

Feng Chia University provides students with a large amount of academic materials and software and hardware equipment. The school has an Apple RTC regional education and training center to handle Apple certification courses.In addition, the school also offers diversified and cross-disciplinary courses, so that students from different disciplines have the opportunity to collaborate to develop their strengths, and encourage students to expand their horizons overseas through volunteering, grand tours and exchanges.

全台第一個蘋果官方認證社團 iOS Club

The first Apple official certification club in Taiwan iOS Club


"Strong Ben Gao Tao" is a rare opportunity for students to talk to famous teachers


Serve as a filming volunteer

By|Department of Automatic Control Engineering - Guo, Jheng-Syuan


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