The Department of Marketing in Feng Chia University has a free learning environment. There are no piles of textbooks that you can’t breathe. There are no complicated theoretical formulas for you to memorize and forget, forget and memorize, but this is not to release you, but to hope through "Freedom" allows your creativity not to be limited by formulas, or you can play to your heart's content when executing projects, and because of this, it tests everyone's self-control.

Marketing Film Festival

I never thought that the first industry-university cooperation could be contacted in the sophomore year. Through the collection and analysis of literature data, we can find the position of the cooperative industry, write the plan and learn the "details" in the process, and follow the positioning and marketing strategy. , Brand image Tailor an advertisement for the brand, which not only trains our sensitivity in observing details, but also enables creative ideas and realization.

行銷影展 - 大二的同學走紅毯


As long as you have the heart, everything can be done here

In my junior year, I was elected as the president of the Department of Marketing. I planned and executed a lot of activities around this year. The type of each activity and the plan is also very different, but I have gained a lot while completing it. , Whether it is the corner of the eyebrows of organizing activities, the contact and negotiation with the manufacturers, the communication with the cadres, and the leadership ability have grown a lot through the process of execution.

The original intention of taking over the Department of Association is to hope that the activities of the Association will be seen by more people and make full use of what they have learned. For example, there has been a school-wide grass music festival that combines picnics, music and markets.


My buddies

Participate in the school-wide grassland music festival that combines picnic, music and market.


Department of Marketing Association and external vendors co-organize "Fengjia Campus Fashion Week"

Taiwanese Golden Melody Skewers for 40 Years

Undergraduates take you through 40 years of moving. This project is the highest number of people I have implemented so far-Taiwan’s 40-year Golden Melody Skewers. Up to now (110/01/10), there have been more than 1 million views on YOUTUBE.


There are some things that won’t be the same if you don’t, but they will be very different if you do.

You can be brave to chase after what you want to do, as long as you do, no matter what the result is, the feeling of the whole process will be yours.

By|Department of Marketing LIAN,SHIH-HUAI