In the first year of entering Feng Chia, I told myself that I should complete the credits as soon as possible. The university has quite a lot of resources to make good use of and strive to enrich myself. I live a regular schedule in high school. I get up early every day, arrive at school on time, and report to the library after class. My grades have improved by leaps and bounds. I have achieved the set goals, abide by my heart, and move towards a better self.

Carbon reduction

By coincidence, I learned about the micro-credit courses of the General Education Center. The micro-credit courses stimulate students' interest in just a few hours, and they can mix and match courses freely. It is a place to quickly learn new skills and accumulate contacts. As a student of the Department of Environmental Sciences, of course, I have to learn how to protect the environment, reduce carbon and love the earth. The most impressive course is "Rhapsody of Low-Carbon Life", which covers everything from design and development ideas, prototype construction, production to practical application; We designed a spiral-shaped flowerbed that can provide sufficient water for multiple plants with a small amount of water, and built a physical flowerbed outdoors.


Low-Carbon Rhapsody Micro-Credit Course Activity Photo

Because the weekly holidays are spent in micro-credit courses, in just one year, I have taken six general education credits. Although the credits have reached the standard, I am still interested in other courses, so I changed my identity and worked as a micro-credit teaching assistant to continue my studies.


Successfully changed careers and became a teaching assistant for micro-credit courses

Explore the unknown self and discover that you have infinite possibilities.

The professional courses in the third year of the Department of Environmental Science and the position of the director of photography of the department society made my life in the third year very busy. At the freshman tea party, I picked up the camera and recorded every happy moment, touching stories, and freshmen with dreams, just like seeing myself in the past. In this year, I reconsidered the next step of my academic career planning. I didn't want my life to be dull and boring, so I chose to challenge bravely.

"My choice, my style", different choices, different styles, create a different you. There is only one university, why not spend your youth, embrace more possibilities, and let yourself have more choices.


Serve as an experimental teaching assistant (left) and a tea party for freshmen in the department of environmental protection (right)

Although setbacks are inevitable in college life, there are more gains. Thanks to the teachers and friends who have accompanied me every step of the way. I firmly believe that I am on the right path. Even if I fail, so what, correct the track and move on to the next stage!

The burning lamp of the road of life is in your own hands, light up wherever you want to go, and move forward!

By|Department of Environmental Engineering and Science LI,MING-XIU