"Cheers" magazine has organized the "University Performance Growth" survey since 2015, inviting the presidents of colleges and universities across Taiwan to recommend universities with significant growth in performance. On February 3, it announced the "2021 University Performance Growth Top 20"

Feng Chia University ranks third in the country; it also ranks first in private schools in Taiwan for 7 consecutive years

In order to affirm the outstanding changes and performance of the award-winning universities, and to let the public see better and more innovative university operations, and jointly promote the progress of higher education in Taiwan, "Cheers Happy Workers" is scheduled to be held on March 18th  The "2021 University School Performance Growth Top 20" survey release and awards ceremony, 20 winning university presidents were invited to participate in the award.

《Cheers》雜誌 校長互評-2021大學辦學績效 逢甲大學全國第三

"Cheers" Magazine President Mutual Evaluation-2021 university performance, Feng Chia University ranked third in the country

The survey is based on Presidents of 147 colleges and universities (excluding technical schools) across Taiwan. This year, a total of 127 schools participated, and the recovery rate was as high as 86.4%. According to the survey, the Presidents’ mutual evaluation focuses on "Highlights of 2021 School Running: Unique Internationalization", "University Management Needs Most Strengthening: Establishing Department Features and Teaching Innovation", and "Resource/Funding Allocation" as the most pressing issue in higher education. 3 points of view.

According to a survey conducted by "Cheers" magazine, the reasons why presidents of public and private universities across the country recommend this school include: "diversified innovative courses, nurturing industrial talents", "mastering trends, innovative reforms", "long-established schools, teaching innovation and quality assurance system mechanisms" Establish and improve", "Teaching excellence and innovation, reversing the status of private schools, reshaping university responsibilities, new campus construction" and "promoting various teaching innovations, internationalization, and outstanding school performance"

Since President Lee, Bing-Jean took over as the President of Feng Chia University in 2013, he has been committed to promoting cross-field learning and cultivating talents who can assist in industrial upgrading. He is the first to introduce CDIO promoted by top international universities such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Design from Stanford University in teaching thinking and school running mode Thinking; never stop in campus construction and resource investment, actively shaping "beautiful campus, smart learning". Feng Chia University is a "Different but Better" university. Our commitment to innovation and excellence in teaching changes and school performance have been deeply rooted in the hearts of people from all walks of life.