"Global Views Monthly" conducts the "Survey of corporate favorite college students" every year for Taiwanese listed companies, and explores the "Best Employability University" in the minds of business owners. At the end of 2020, 1718 listed companies are invited to participate in the survey, completing 569 valid questionnaires.

On January 28, the "2021 Enterprises favorite University Student Rankings" was announced. National Cheng Kung University set a record of seven consecutive dominances, National Taiwan University won the runner-up, and Feng Chia University won the private university championship for the first time.

Due to the concentration of industry and population in North Taiwan, private universities in North District have geographical advantages and have been well received by enterprises for many years. Feng Chia University has been able to break the convention this year and rank first among private universities, except that Taichung City has become the second largest city in Taiwan, which has driven the vigorous development of industries in Central Taiwan and greatly increased the demand for and evaluation of local talents by enterprises. The school is committed to cultivating talents who assist in industrial upgrading, promotes cross-field learning, and introduces CDIO and Design Thinking models with topic-based curriculum learning to enhance students' ability to design thinking, cross-field communication and teamwork; and focus on linking industry needs, industry and academia The alliance cooperates with more than 500 companies to provide internship opportunities, open special courses, special projects, jointly set up characteristic enterprise laboratories, and propose research projects for industry-university projects, etc., so that the industry can see Feng Chia students Innovative thinking, the talents cultivated by Feng Chia University can master and solve real problems in the industry and be used by enterprises.


《遠見》2021企業最愛大學生調查 逢甲打破北區獨霸 首度拿下私校冠軍

"Global Views " 2021 Enterprises Favorite University Student Survey Feng Chia Breaks North District Domination, Wins Private School Championship for the First Time.


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