Cloud Service

Integrated information services within the campus, My FCU, Feng Chia action, iLearn2, every teacher and student at any time, any place, can take advantage of information technology tools, cloud surfing, and self-learning.

Cashless Campus

Promote the “FengChia Pay” that combines payment systems such as line pay, Taiwan Pay, and EasyCard to pay for university registration documents, sports center memberships, motorcycle parking permits, gyms, laundry services, and other campus payments to create a cashless campus.

Smart Classroom

The classrooms have complete and diverse teaching facilities, equipped with large-scale smart TVs, front-end video cameras, ambient air monitors, etc. so that learning efficiency can be enhanced by using information technology to assist course teaching.

IoT Campus

In the fast and accurate 5G era, we collect, integrate, and analyze various equipment/system information in the university through sensing devices to achieve management automation and intelligence to comprehensively improve school administrative efficiency, and support teaching and research.

Wireless Network

The first campus and Fuxing dormitory have full WiFi coverage in the open space, designed with high-density network connectivity, to achieve high-speed and stable wireless quality, and meet the needs of the entire university’s teachers and students for network resources.

IDC Computer Room

A complete, safe, and stable high-performance computer room environment provides security protection, monitoring services, efficiency management, and other services, so that teachers and students can devote themselves to teaching, research, and learning, and improve their capabilities.