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The course uses design thinking to explore consumer psychology, systematical thinking to view the overall situation, and cultivates cross-domain integration capabilities. Teacher Zhai always encourages us to "Always compare with the world's top students and challenge our limits". His words changed my learning attitude, and I will seize any learning opportunities in the next four years and move forward bravely.


Sun Moon Project Results Presentation, group photo with Mr. Zhai Benrui.

Good teachers and helpful friends, build a learning path together; The lights of knowledge , illuminating the future.

After taking the Sun Moon Project, I continued to challenge the limit, and increased from one special practical course in one semester to three, which were the "World Economic Forum" and "Taiwan ICT Industry Chain Connection and Foresight Topics" offered by Chuangneng Academy. Together with "Industrial Combat - Dynamic Competition and Survey Analysis", these three courses are jointly taught by on-campus teachers and off-campus business leaders. They are one of the few super-valuable courses with hall-level teachers.


Group photo with teachers and graduates at the end of the World Economic Forum.

Industrial vision, geopolitics and thinking construction.

"Taiwan's ICT Industry Chain Connection and Foresight Topic" and "Industrial Combat - Dynamic Competition and Survey Analysis" to explain the development of electronics-related industries, industrial demand, and industry After class, the teachers personally lead the students to discuss, solve the problems that actually occur in the industry, and deepen the ability of integrated thinking. President HUANG,QIN-YONG even taught the students with his years of experience in observing the industry, encouraging students to seize opportunities and bravely pursue their dreams. The importance of exploring the thinking mode in the two courses made me reflect on my own core values, learn and practice, and plan my future direction.


"The First Session of Taiwan's ICT Industry Chain Links and Prospects" Final Report: The Future and Challenges of the Hon Hai Open Electric Vehicle Alliance (MIH).


A group photo with teachers and students of the course "Industry Combat - Dynamic Competition and Survey Analysis".

Start to practice and expand the power of green influence.

Over the past year, I have immersed myself in the cross-domain team to conceive the "carbon issue" and discuss the feasibility of zero-carbon transformation of the industry.

"Pan Lu Shu Wei" is a cross-disciplinary team formed by myself and my classmates from the Department of Cooperative Economics and Social Entrepreneurship, Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science, and Accounting. Director Ye Shouli directed the participation in the first AI Innovation Award. The team analyzed the environmental disclosure indicators of SASB, GRI, TCFD, and CDP with the theme of "AI carbon inventory of small and medium-sized enterprises", and automatically selected disclosure indicators from 77 industry categories through the AI system, and then used electricity bills, oil prices, and gas to make the first stage Carbon Inventory, which further predicts the carbon usage of enterprises to manage energy consumption, interprets the degree of energy use, effectiveness and cost of enterprises with a visual battle board, and solves the environmental problems of many small and medium-sized enterprises in Taiwan. Thanks to everyone in the team for their efforts, let us stand on the stage we dream of, realize our dreams together, and expand the influence of green society.


Taiwan AI EXPO AI Innovation Award won the national excellent work.

Dream Boldly, Fulfill Carefully

I used to never believe that I could start a business, win awards, and pass on the resources I possess to other students. I formed a learning circle with Professor Wei Guoyan and Director Ye Shouli. I have always firmly believed that as long as you execute bravely and seize the opportunity, the teachers and teachers will be happy to help you build the stage. Please turn every failure into the cornerstone of next growth, strengthen your beliefs, and achieve your own future.

By|Department of Photonics LIAO,XUAN-TING


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