Talk about dreams!

First of all, I have to ask myself, assuming that university is really a dream factory that can bring us closer to our dreams after four years of graduation, what do I want to become in the future?

I must say that our college life really begins when we set our dreams and establish goals.

As you enter the university, the first step is to determine your goals and choose your department, so that even if you want to "turn" temporarily in the future, you will be able to change your direction.

When we are choosing a department, it is best to go to the official website of the department to do three things:

  • Listen to the sharing of senior sisters who graduated from the department
  • Refer to the course schedule of the department
  • Understand what the people who graduated from the department did

By doing these three things, the chances of choosing the wrong department will be greatly reduced.

A student who can make good use of school resources can almost call him a schoolmaster.

Feng Chia University is very rich in resources, from learning resources, international movement, scholarships, corporate internships, and even employment opportunities, everything, like a treasure house, is placed everywhere on the campus, waiting for us to find it!

Take the exchange student program that I participated in as an example. Exchange students are only a small part of FengChia’s resources. There are also overseas study tours and dual degree programs; or computer learning resources such as: the latest office series, matlab, sketchup, or some of which I can’t name, but I heard that they are very useful in other departments Things and so on; of course, all kinds of scholarships are indispensable.It can only be said that the resources of the school cannot be ignored!

I went out to exchange for a semester, but due to the proper distribution of credits, there was no postponement that common exchange students would encounter. On the contrary, I completed my graduation credits early and applied for an internship in mainland China after my senior year.


Mainland Exchange Life

These brilliant stories have happened to me. Apart from my own efforts, I can only say that I am a very lucky person. I encourage everyone to seize every fleeting opportunity by your side in a timely manner and write a paragraph that belongs to you. University story.

By|Department of Fiber and Composite Materials - Syong, Jian-Sin


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