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In my junior year, I successfully applied for an exchange at the University of Oulu, Finland through the Office of International Affairs. Different from the customs and customs of Taiwan, the first exchange allowed me to experience the cultural differences between Nordic countries and equatorial countries and fully expand my international horizons; During this period, I made more active use of school resources and applied again to exchange at the Ostrava University of Technology in the Czech Republic to study economics.

University of Oulu Exchange

The University of Oulu is a comprehensive public university in northern Finland. One semester is divided into two periods; each subject has six to nine classes during the week. Courses are assessed in various ways, including paper-and-pencil tests, homework, class participation, study diaries, reports, etc. The most significant difference between Nordic universities and Taiwan in education is the "attendance rate". In Taiwan, the attendance rate usually accounts for the total score. 15%, the lack of attendance scores is likely to affect the GPA of the entire school year. However, the attendance rate in the Nordic class does not affect the overall score, hone students' knowledge absorption in the subject, and cultivate self-discipline and reading habits.

Most of the courses are topic-oriented learning. Due to cultural differences, the teaching materials are not the same. Subjects are taught around the world according to local conditions.


By|Department of Economics FANG,JIA-QI


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