The campus installation art exhibition "創.藝.術" (Create. Art.) planned by Professor Zheng Yue Mei from our university's School of Architecture has commenced. The exhibition, titled "【犀指未來】" (Rhino Points to the Future), features a large-scale work "消光黑金剛犀牛" (Matte Black Diamond Rhino) by internationally renowned sculptor Mr. Shi Li Ren. The opening ceremony took place on March 6th beside the Sports Center, enhancing the campus with captivating artistic scenery and attracting guests. This mesmerizing art display will continue until June 10th, welcoming visitors from all walks of life to appreciate the exhibition.

The exhibition, "金鋼犀牛:犀指未來" (Golden Steel Rhino: Rhino Points to the Future), revolves around the theme of the golden steel rhino. Through the creative work of artist Shi Li Ren, it creates the connection between art and the future. This exhibition is not only a presentation of artistic works but also an inspiration for the future. Shi Li Ren incorporates imagination and creativity into his work, using the language of art to depict a blueprint for the future. Visually, it conveys the imagination and infinite possibilities.

"Golden Steel Rhino" is one of Shi Li Ren's representative works, having been invited to participate in numerous international exhibitions. The distinctive feature of his artworks lies in the contemporary reinterpretation of ancient traditional sculptural themes with personalized and modern vocabulary. Through a deep understanding of his pieces, viewers can feel the artist's boundless imagination for the future, along with the practicality and creativity in his art.

Shi Li Ren's "Rhino" series of artworks from different periods are all renowned for their unique themes. Mr. Shi explains the inspiration behind his creation of the "Rhino," stating, "In traditional Chinese culture, the rhino is often regarded as a symbol of auspiciousness, resilience, and strength. Visitors will have the opportunity to explore this unique form of art in the exhibition, experiencing the beauty of the rhino's tenacity and strength.

Curator Zheng Yue Mei expressed her expectations and gratitude to the artist during the opening ceremony. She pointed out, "The rhino, as a creative theme, holds unique historical and cultural significance in traditional culture, representing pure strength, resilience, and happiness. Simultaneously, the artwork reflects the artist's observation, imagination, and interpretation of this animal. The lively form and the structural appearance of the rhino, creating a vibrant shape and structural organization, are crucial. Mr. Shi Li Ren's choice of the rhino as the theme is symbolic, abstract, yet realistic. Through precise sculptural material techniques, using steel and other metal materials in combination, he constructs the rhino statue's skin layers, presenting the animal's natural posture. This also expresses the artist's love, respect, and concern for environmental sustainability and the animal world."

"創.藝.術" campus installation art exhibition is dedicated to promoting the exchange of art and culture on campus through public art performances. The aim is for the audience to find inspiration and resonance. Additionally, during the exhibition, Shi Li Ren will be invited to hold an art lecture, providing a deeper artistic experience and sharing for the faculty and students. This exhibition sincerely invites everyone to come and immerse themselves in the world of Shi Li Ren's art, located near the Recreation Building.


Eye-catching! Shi Li Ren’s Black Diamond Rhino enters our school.