According to the latest " Global Views Monthly" survey on the Most Desirable University Students for Enterprises in 2024, our university secured the top spot among private universities. National Cheng Kung University maintains its top position, while National Taipei University of Technology, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, National Taiwan University, and other national universities are also among the top 10.

Our school conducts analyses based on industry demands for talent, which are then implemented into overall teaching, services, and research at the university. Innovative teaching models include inviting experts and outstanding figures from various fields or those with decades of experience to serve as guest lecturers.

They guide students from theoretical foundations to practical applications, facilitating knowledge transfer. Moreover, through nearly 500 industry-academic alliances, countless opportunities for industry-academic collaboration and internships are provided. This allows students to gain firsthand experience in real-world work environments. Additionally, through project-based learning, students assist companies in finding breakthroughs to their challenges. Outstanding students may even receive job offers from companies before graduation.

Bo Xin Tseng, from Indonesia, studied in Architecture at Feng Chia university. Through guidance from teachers and industry professionals, coupled with diligent self-study, Tseng continuously earning many awards. In his third year, Tseng won the Silver Award in the 2021 Nippon Paint Asia Young Designer Award competition with his project "Vertical Settlement: Urban Healing Journey." In his final year, he was recommended for an internship at the architectural firm of Mr. Kuma Kengo, the designer of the main venue for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Tseng's exemplary work ethic and abilities were highly praised, leading to an offer for a formal position at Kuma Kengo & Associates.

Our university holds a career fair every year, and this year's "2024 Campus Enterprise Recruitment Matching Fair" will be held on March 5th and 6th, attracting hundreds of companies offering nearly 6,200 job opportunities. The event will feature 27 dedicated interview sessions on-site, providing students with early opportunities for interviews. Behind the accolades of being a favorite among companies lies the abundant resources provided by the university. Starting from last semester, the Student Success Center has been offering various workshops and programs to prepare students for entering the workforce, including targeted resumes, resume competitions, resume writing, and interview techniques. Before the large-scale fair, there will be sessions on workplace communication, one-on-one resume diagnostics, and mock interviews. These initiatives aim to strengthen students' ability to articulate their research expertise and work attitude, as well as to hone their communication skills in dialogues with potential employers.

"Global Views Monthly " mentioned that "universities serve as the talent pool for sustainable operation in enterprises, while enterprises illuminate the direction of university education." Our university focuses on cultivating students with professional competence based on industry demands, enriching them with extensive internship experiences. Through various channels of industry-academic collaboration, we continuously strengthen and overlap our relationships with industries. Year after year, our efforts have been acknowledged by magazines, affirming our deserved recognition.