Feng Chia University is renowned for its innovative and flexible teaching methods, serving as a model for higher education with a unique open transfer major system and personalized one-student-one-course schedule. This year, the university received recommendations from various presidents for reasons including the establishment of an innovative teaching system, guiding departments in teaching innovation, emphasis on general education, fostering cross-disciplinary learning for students, and showcasing ambition and foresight in education. The university excels in sustainable development, social responsibility, bilingual teaching, global vision, and outstanding performance in internationalization and informatization.

Our school's innovative teaching system is closely linked with global trends. We not only engage numerous masters and leaders from various fields as lecture professors but also impart their lifelong academic wisdom, driving advancements in teaching and research for both faculty and students. For instance, Honorary Vice President Zhou Zhi Hong, an expert in AI applications and net-zero carbon emissions, has paved the way for a new era in the school's sustainable development. Additionally, we've appointed dozens of exceptional experts, including Dr. Yang Guang Lei, an expert in the semiconductor industry, as special lecture professors. They bring their extensive professional knowledge and practical experience to aid the school in advancing teaching and research in relevant fields. Despite the challenges posed by declining birth rates and the pandemic, many schools have adopted a conservative, wait-and-see approach. In contrast, we maintain a proactive stance, consistently sprinting forward with the motto of "Facing challenges and finding ways out!"表單的頂端

Due to our school's good reputation as an international institution, the Australian office is scheduled to visit in early March this year. During the visit, they will provide detailed insights into the current state of Australian higher education and articulate their vision for student-teacher exchanges. Furthermore, on March 15th, the dean of the Business School at the University of Queensland in Australia will visit to our school. In addition to the ongoing collaboration with the International School on the 2+2 double degree international special class, we are also exploring opportunities for a 1+1 dual master's degree program in partnership with the School of Finance. Looking ahead, our school is actively planning a return visit in May, aiming to facilitate the development of students' international capabilities to their fullest potential.

《Cheers》2024大學校長互評 逢甲辦學績效連年穩居全國第三

This year, "Cheers" conducted a "Mutual Evaluation Survey of University Presidents' Educational Performance". Feng Chia University was recognized again, ranking first among private universities for three consecutive years.