On June 29th,2022, announced the "Best Universities in Taiwan" for 2022. Feng Chia broke through the medical Universities and ranked fourth among the top five private schools without the abundant resources of consortia, religion, and medicine.

遠見「台灣最佳大學」 逢甲突破醫科包圍 全國綜合私校第一

Choosing a good university is the most important to all students and parents.

Feng Chia University has recently received exciting news. We have again reached the top of 2022 universities in terms of academic performance. Secondly, Feng Chia has won the double championship in terms of enrollment rate and the number of students enrolled in the 111 academic years. The "Best Universities in Taiwan" ranking combines public opinion surveys, government information, and the world's largest academic database: Elsevier's Scopus database, SciVal's research, and analysis using 44 indicators in six areas. We were outstanding in three topics which are " industry collaboration," "cross-filed integration" and "international cooperation".

Choosing a good university is the most important to all students and parents. We are committed to nurturing the innovative talents needed for social transformation and industrial upgrading with students as the core. Feng Chia University is currently engaged in the largest construction project with Kengo Kuma, the master architect of the main stadium for the Tokyo Olympics, to build the Building Virtuosi. The Building Virtuosi will be completed and opened in 2024, including the newest ai-learning classroom, and two lecture halls for the 200 and 500 people, a priority for the master's degree students. We are expecting a wonderful campus and intelligence learning university.


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