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In order to reward students for learning and provide opportunities for student assistance services, more than NT$120 million of scholarships and bursaries including subsidies from the Ministry of Education and donations from off-campus institutions are set aside each year so that students can study with peace of mind.

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Financial Aid

In order to help students study with peace of mind, we provide financial support such as Gleaner’s Project, study loan, underprivileged student grant, study grant, emergency relief, and deferred payment of tuition and miscellaneous fees so that you can complete your studies without any worries.

School loan

Students of this nationality can apply for a school loan, and the annual income is less than 1.14 million , and the government will pay the interest during the school period; students with 1.14 million to 1.2 million pay half of the interest; for those with more than 1.2 million, one sibling must be in high school or above, and the interest will be borne by themselves . .


School attendance discount

Anyone who is a survivor of the military, public education, children or students of persons with disabilities, students from low-income and low-income households, aboriginal students, families in special circumstances, and children of active military personnel can apply to the school.


Disadvantaged students

Students of this nationality with an annual family income of less than 700,000 yuan, an annual interest of less than 20,000 yuan, and a property of less than 6.5 million yuan, an average of 60 points or more in the previous semester and who have not received other government aid measures, may apply for disadvantaged student aid.


Emergency Relief

Current students experiencing major changes in personal or family financial difficulties may apply to the university for emergency relief. The university will consider the individual situation to provide financial assistance, campus housing, or refer to the university’s student-service opportunities.


Delay in payment of tuition and miscellaneous fees

If students encounter financial difficulties, they can apply to the university to pay tuition and miscellaneous fees in installments.

Accommodation benefits

Students who qualify for low-income households can apply to the school for free accommodation on the Fusing campus.


Deep Cultivation Program Weak Scholarship

Those who have obtained the Ministry of Education’s disadvantaged student aid program or study preferential treatment subsidy status, and are willing to cooperate with the counseling mechanism, or apply for a professional license, can apply, sort by family status, "approved" and complete the counseling mechanism, receive the deep cultivation plan Grants, 25,000 yuan per year.


Relief application COVID-19

From May to July 2021, students or their parents were affected by COVID-19 and experienced unemployment, class reduction, suspension of business, unpaid leave, etc. You can apply for emergency relief grants by providing relevant supporting documents according to the application conditions.