For all important epidemic prevention information announced by Feng Chia University, all faculty, staff and students of the school are required to comply with relevant epidemic prevention regulations.


iLearn2.0 防疫專區

因應疫情升級,自5月17日至109學年第二學期結束,本校教學採遠距措施,相關訊息請至iLearn2.0 防疫專區|學生篇、教師篇。

Library Service Information

The library adjusts the opening and the related reading service description.

Feng Chia University Visitor Self-Health Management System

Your registered information is solely used for epidemic prevention in the university and will be provided to the health authority, if necessary. The data collected have complied with the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act.

Taiwan Centers for Disease Control

Attention Covide-19

Taichung City Government Official Facebook

Anti-epidemic information in Taichung City.