Every step we take may not be perfect, but every step is worth thinking about .

#How much do you know about freedom, _____ how much freedom will my free age have

What is my goal in life?

When I was in high school, I spent a lot of time reading extracurricular books and textbooks to enter higher education. I waited until the exam before I gave a hug. At that time, my heart was hesitant, full of anxiety and panic. Faced with accusations from teachers and family members, I woke up in the second half of high school and started the sprint test.

#d.School Cross domain, out of your comfort zone

For me, the rules of the game in college are freedom and self-control. Only oneself can control one's own answers and life. Because of the introduction of a friend, I took d. school as an elective course. This kind of non-undergraduate cross-domain study allowed me to meet students in different fields and use different thinking modes to solve the same problem; I really like industry reality. Question discussions or courses, paper and pencil tests cannot measure true strength.

The interdisciplinary college has become my charging station. Even if my class time is mostly on weekends, it cannot resist my love for it.

Live care Smart Assistive Big Future-It is very interesting to experience the products of the instructor's company.

#No cross, no crown.___William Penn

Find a sense of belonging Join the liberal arts salon volunteer team

In my spare time, I actively participate in the humanities and arts salon volunteer team, hoping to deepen my understanding of myself through group life. From the internship, our sister leads the newcomers to assist in art and literature activities. Learning should start from the beginning, have the courage to ask questions, and enjoy every joy of participation.

When I was a sophomore, being selected as captain was the beginning of a heavy responsibility. The invisible pressure, the gap of information transmission and the unknown challenges made me a little reluctant to be who I was at that time, but now in retrospect, I am very happy that I am not affected by the external environment and overcome all difficulties. In the end, all the captains of the volunteer teams received cadre certificates, which made the hard work in the process worthwhile.

When I joined the volunteer team, I was an intern at the beginning, and the senior sisters would be there to help me attentively.

Every year, lecturers will be arranged to conduct education and training courses for volunteers, and the volunteers will be more dedicated.

#Travel, is life

How much courage does it take for a person, for the first time, a 19-year-old girl, to embark on her own journey alone?

During the summer vacation during my freshman year and sophomore year, I set foot on a 19-day journey to Europe and Denmark alone. In the beginning, the family’s worry, my own fear, fear of losing opportunities, fear of hesitating, fear of losing motivation in life; the International Experience Program has to do everything by yourself, sharing the experience of the senior sister and the teacher of the General Education Center Later, I went to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to get a passport and buy opportunities. Although the process was cumbersome, everything was worth it.

Feng Chia University gives students who have never gone abroad a chance. I knew that I must seize the opportunity to see how the world turns when I go abroad. I also use this to train myself to respond to unknown environments and affairs, and of course safety. Sexual evaluation and consideration; thank you family for your support and be my sponsor, and also thank the Language corner of the Foreign Language Teaching Center for giving me the opportunity to practice speaking English.

I am thankful for staying in BBR.

# Simple Little Happiness. All for thanks.

The sharing session "Simple Little Happiness" after returning home. In the sharing session, I specifically talked about the Danish philosophy of happiness

Share poster.

Hygge: Happiness is not far away but in every daily life. I just hope you are well.

A journey of communication with my soul made me know myself better. I learned to ask questions and find answers to them. Every time I wanted to give up, I told myself to stick to it; the warm help from strangers during the journey allowed me I also began to learn to help others; I sometimes shed tears, but I poured my thoughts on my family on the tip of the ink and sent my thoughts out in postcards.

During the journey, I saw too much happiness floating in every corner, and I took the happiness that I experienced, interacted with others and shared my stories, and presented it in the form of a sharing meeting. The beginning of happiness is because I just met you. It allows me to progress and grow.

By|Department of Economics - Jhang, Zih-Syun


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